O3 Legacy Wag. Sunroof Leak?

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by TrailRun, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. TrailRun

    TrailRun Guest

    Has anyone had a problem with 03 Legacy Special Edition Wagon sunroof
    leaks? Mostly when parked in the rain. This is the one with the 2
    sunroofs one front and one over the rear seats. The leak must travel
    above the interior panel cover and drips out of the rear seat belt
    hole at the back compartment and also must drip down the side panels
    and put water in the spare tire well. We have had it to the dealer and
    they have cleared the drains from the sunroof area but it still is
    letting in water. They are in the denial stage. One thing I have
    noticed if we park the car on a small incline (driveway) with the
    front pitched downhill we get no water inside. If the vehicle is
    parked on level ground or front going uphill the water comes in. This
    is like our spare car for our daughter who is away at school, so it is
    parked a lot.

    Anyone have any ideas, is this a interior drain problem or is it the
    sunroof gasket? You can see a slight gap around the sunroof gasket and
    the body, I am talking real slight, you could probably insert a piece
    of paper through it in various places. The dealers answer is: "It is
    not a perfect seal, that's what the drains are for."

    It rains a lot in New England, so it's fix the leak, get rid of the
    car, or move to a dry zone!
    TrailRun, Feb 9, 2008
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  2. TrailRun

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Drain plugged up?
    Tony Hwang, Feb 9, 2008
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  3. TrailRun

    TrailRun Guest

    Dealer says no and they cleaned them out anyway, but that would be my
    guess. Am I correct in assuming there must be some kind of tubing or
    drain system run down the body panels to discharge outside? With the
    sunroofs open I can see no openings where the water would go.

    TrailRun, Feb 9, 2008
  4. TrailRun

    John Guest

    I had the same issue on my '00 OBW and found the rear drains were clogged.
    The roof has four (or six) drain holes and tubes that allow the water to
    exit out from behind the front mudflaps and rear quarter panels. My drain
    blockage was both front tubes and one in the rear. For the the rear, which
    is where your problem, is I had to remove the gas cap and fill neck mount to
    allow me to get inside the right-rear quarter panel where the drian tubes
    fit to the drian hole. It was filled with 5-years worth of mud, gunk and
    some nice-smelling sludge.

    A simple test is to park the car on an incline, open the rear roof and pour
    water into the drain channels. If the drains are not clogged, you would see
    the water drain out from both rear corners of the vehicle.
    Also, on level ground the water should drain from these two points but also
    from behind the front mud flaps
    John, Feb 9, 2008
  5. TrailRun

    TrailRun Guest

    Thanks John,

    Helpful information. I will give it a try.

    TrailRun, Feb 9, 2008
  6. TrailRun

    TrailRun Guest

    A#1 advice John,

    I did the water thing and 3 of the 4 drains flowed. All but the one by
    the gas cap on the right passenger rear. So I pulled it all apart, gas
    cap, inside panel, etc and low and behold as soon as I yanked on the
    drain line it let go. My guess is it was kinked as the drain manifold
    it goes into with another hose was OK. It is just held in place by a
    chunk of foam that is wrapped around it. Imagine that!

    Bottom line, it flows!

    TrailRun, Feb 9, 2008
  7. TrailRun

    StephenW Guest

    I would be tempted to go back to the dealer and demand a refund. They didn't
    fix the problem and pushed you aside. Not acceptable. A non certified person
    with the help of a newsgroup did what there tech couldent.
    While water leaks can be difficult to find, sun roofs are the first place we

    ASE Master Tech
    L1 Diag
    Currently residing at a Subaru Shop
    4.5 years doing tires and alighnments
    StephenW, Feb 9, 2008
  8. TrailRun

    TrailRun Guest

    You are quite right. The car was in for it's 70k checkup anyway. I
    will have to look at the bill and see what they tacked on for this
    service. I am more PO'ed that they held on to the car an extra day so
    they could park it and pour water over it until they found the leak.
    You make a good point. With a little help I found the problem in about
    10 minutes. I shudder to think of what they would have charged me to
    pull the gas cap and interior apart to get to the problem and fix it
    though; cha ching!$$$$$$$.

    What would we do without the internet!

    Thanks all,

    TrailRun, Feb 9, 2008
  9. TrailRun

    John O Guest

    We'd all be dead without the Internet.


    -John O
    John O, Feb 10, 2008
  10. TrailRun

    wpjmurray Guest


    I have an 01 Forester that does the same thing. When it's parked at an
    incline with the front end facing down, it doesn't leak, but the other
    way does leak, and in the same place (through the rear seatbelt
    opening in the ceiling, and down the rear sides sometimes. As far as I
    can tell, there are only two drains for the sunroof, both of them on
    the front corners of the sunroof opening. Looking down into the
    opening when the sunroof is open, you can see the two drain holes.
    There don't appear to be any in the rear of the sunroof. This may
    explain how it doesn't leak when pointing down -- the water pools
    toward the two front drains. But when it rains a lot (or if snow is
    melting on the roof), I get a lot of water coming into the back of the
    Forester. It's got to be the seal around the sunroof. I think it's
    designed to let a little water in and that will drain properly, but
    now there is probably just too much water and it gets past the drains.

    Did you happen to solve your problem? I'd like to find out how to fix
    my sunroof leak. Thanks!

    wpjmurray, Apr 1, 2008
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