Now, where else but the dealers can I go to get services done on my2005 legacy in the future?

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by curious, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. curious

    curious Guest

    My 3 year warranty is up on the 26th. The dealer I have been going to
    has shown to live up to the accusations made about dealers in general.
    in this latest 30,000 miles service, the girl failed to deduct the
    amount for replacing sparks plug which I found out after the service
    was done that it was needed only at 60,000 miles for this car. (I am
    sure she knew but didn't tell me ahead but I asked the detail of
    everything done in the service and so found out about it.) She argued
    with me that it's additional charge. I said "One surprise after
    another" to make her realize that I wasn't buying her line though I
    didn't specifically said that I wasn't going to pay hat amount. I knew
    she was manipulating me but because I didn't want my day ruined any
    further, I didn't say that she needed to deduct it. But after I left,
    I turned around, after deciding to let her know that I paid the full
    price not because I agreed with her and also pointed to her about her
    manipulation with words. She was stubborn and wouldn't budge. So I
    left knowing that I needed to deal with this con artist. So, I left
    messages for the manager where I said I will share this experience
    with many people all over the internet.

    I was pissed off enough with her messing up my schedule yesterday
    trying to save loaning me a car - she didn't offer me a loner car
    and said it would take 5 hours and I didn't ask for it because they
    could give me a ride to the hair salon and pick me up but after total
    5 hours and I went to her and asked her about my car only to learn
    that it would be another 2 hours and voila with an offer of a loaner
    car, I said "you are offering me this after you wasted my time? She
    said it was a full-day service. I said, "You didn't tell me that when
    I was making appointment with you". I let the manager know - this was
    done in person. Of course, he tried to cover for her but I didn't let
    him. I left his office saying that I was unhappy. I also that I wasn't
    coming back. Later, I called and left a message telling him in his
    voice mail that I controlled my anger and did not show because I was
    not going to give them any more business. I wrapped my message with
    "You lost a customer".

    I was pissed off already but with this stunt of cheating attempt for
    spark plus work, she made me having to call the manager again - he was
    not in at that time - to let him know what I planned to do which is
    what I am doing RIGHT now. He called me back acting like I was a
    trouble maker, offering me to refund the whole amount put on my credit
    card in the form of a check. The amount was after the service credit
    of $72.54 that I had with them. That service .was for the previous
    girl failing to check the tires - I made the specific request cus
    pressure looked too low; I requested after they brought the car to me
    after an oil change since I forgot to tell the girl beforehand. She
    said it was done but I knew it wasn't done as the tire pressure
    still looked the same but she was busy and so I left, planning to put
    air on my own. But I got busy and before I got a chance to check, I
    had a flat tire in the rain and had a long day and also costed me
    having to replace rather than repair. So, I informed the manager about
    the consequences I faced.

    When he returned the call, during the conversation, he said something
    like "I was going to give you some service credit but after you said
    this, I won't'. What I said was that either she lied or she was
    incompetent to not see that the tire pressure was too low and the guy
    who was supposed to check did not check. So I told him that he
    insulted me with covering for her and pointed out his failure to
    acknowledge my complaint. He ended up checking into the matter and
    voila!. There was no paper work on that by the tech guy. When he asked
    the girl, she said she took his word. So, he ended up offering me
    some service credit. So, I gave them another chance, which was my last
    oil change and then this latest service check.

    This latest experience made me realize that since my warranty is up in
    a couple of weeks anyway, it's time I stop using their service if
    these girls are going to be like that.The first one used to be good. I
    don't know what happened to her. . The second one, the one I made an
    appointment with this lasttime was a con artist from the beginning.

    The manager said he is mailing the check to me tomorrow, obviously to
    shut me up as I had told him in the message I left that this info of
    my experience will be in all Subaru forums I can find on the
    Internet. Some of you may be curious which dealer this is. Stay

    BTW, when I made the appointment, I asked her in detail what were
    going to be done. I also told her that I would want to see the list
    when I come in before I agree to the work order. Still, after she made
    me signed, she failed to give me a copy and I had to ask. Like I
    said, this girl was all about ripping me off. Plain stupid to pull
    the stunt she did with failure to adjust their rate due to not
    needing spark plugs replacement.

    Okay, this is one forum....

    Now, I'll wait to see whether he actually send the check or not.
    curious, Jul 11, 2008
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  2. curious

    Todd H. Guest

    Frankly, you sound like a whiney bitch to me. This dealership is
    likely delighted to have lost you as a customer.

    If your concerns were legitimate, I sense from the "more heat than
    light" nature of your post that you didn't articulate your concerns
    very effectively, perhaps not to the right people empowered to give
    you what you wanted, and perhaps not even giving them a concrete idea
    of what you wanted.

    Such individuals are nearly impossible to satisfy.
    Todd H., Jul 11, 2008
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  3. curious

    mm Guest

    If I am labeled whiney bitch for not taking it sitting like a duck, I
    take it as a compliment.
    Dealership only wants customers whom they can manipulate and rip off.
    More blah blah..blah ..

    Yet more blah..blah..blah.. You must be retarded to make a comment
    like this about someone you do not know. Typical of average
    mm, Jul 11, 2008
  4. curious

    Todd H. Guest


    There are ways to assert your rights, make your points and get
    satisfaction without being labeled a whiney bitch.
    I'm far from an average American, and I know a whiney bitch when I
    read one.

    Kudos on your attempts to get satisfaction but the fault here lies not
    entirely with the dealership, best I can tell. I tell you this for
    your own good so you dont' find yourself so disappointed with the next
    poor bastards who have to service your car.
    Todd H., Jul 11, 2008
  5. curious

    Dano58 Guest

    Todd, don't feed the troll! Let's see how many more id's the dope can
    come up with - curious, mm, 'whiney bitch'....!

    Dan D
    '99 Impreza 2.5 RS (son's)
    Central NJ USA
    Dano58, Jul 11, 2008
  6. curious

    curious Guest

    Yeah, right. Tell me when that works when using with crooks.
    It is your opinion. isn't it? I don't miss my sleep over it. I am
    sure there are plenty of people who would just love to know the name
    of the dealer.

    You become an average American and an idiot at that, when you jump at
    me with name calling, accusing me that I whine.
    Not entirely? How many more ways did I have to show to her that I
    wasn't going to be one of those who would just say yes? If I had any
    fault, it was paying for the total w/o insisting which I did it
    because that was what i needed it done at that moment. I am
    hypoglycemic and I had a late lunch and was still in recovery at that
    moment and decided not to take a chance getting myself into more risky
    situation when driving.

    But after I left, I decided to at least let her know that it was not
    because I bought her stupid explanation that I walked away paying her
    for service I didn't get.
    Really? You mean name calling and trying to intimidate was your way
    of telling me for my own good?
    Thanks but not thanks. When people like us crossed the pacific ocean
    and start a new life in a foriegn county, be assured that we know what
    we are doing. Here are a few example of how I took care of things:

    - Living at a campus housing apartment complex managed privately, when
    I decided to transfer to another university and needed to get out of
    the 12 months lease finding a replacement, the redneck wouldn't let
    me. So, I took the matter to the school's student affairs office as
    suggested by the other girl, a Vietnamese descendant, who was born

    - Renting the dorm size refrigerator from a guy delivered on campus -
    at this other university, I was also living on campus housing
    apartments but mange by the school, when I returned the unit by taking
    it to where they collect at the end of the semester, I did not get my
    deposit back and was told that it will be mailed to me. Never received
    and all my phone calls were not answered. So, I told about this to the
    student council on campus. At the beginning of the next semester, that
    office called me informed me that there was a truck delivering the
    fridge though it was a different business name. I called the guy,
    pretending as if I was interested in getting a unit. When he came -
    the bastard was the same guy form whom i rented the unit, as I
    arranged with all my friends who also live in that graduate housing,
    surrounding me, I asked the guy some questions about rental
    arrangement and then asked whether he always comes her every
    semester. After he said yes, I told him that he looks very familiar
    to me because it was form him that I rented last semester and that I
    have not yet received my deposit refund with my phone calls ignored.
    Now with all my friends around me, the poor bastard chose to offer me
    cash refund right then and there.

    - In the same city, I bought a commuting flight to make a connection
    through a travel agency but when it got canceled, I told the agency to
    get me my refund but they acted as if the air line was not refunding
    while they put no effort getting the money for me. Finally, I told
    them that if I don't hear an offer of the refund in 3 days, I am
    taking it to the legal office at school and let the representative
    from the school handle filing a lawsuit. I was told that the airline
    was going bankruptcy and that I would not get my money back. I said,
    "let the judge decide whether the poor student deserves to be ripped
    off". Within two days, I called a call, and as soon as I knew who it
    was, I simply said, "you have 3 days to mail a refund check with
    express mail" or I am filing a lawsuit via the school which would
    cost me nothing to file.

    There are a few more such as UPS failing to deliver my book - and
    failed repeatedly at that - finally, informing me that they have no
    way to get inside the condo property. Of course, they lied that the
    management change the code while the guy lost the remote control. They
    expected me to pick it up at their UPS office the other side of town.
    That, after I paid express shipping. So, I contacted BBB via online.

    There are a few other situations..

    Now, if I am a bitch for doing what I have to do, I say it again: "I
    take it as a compliment. "

    curious, Jul 11, 2008
  7. curious

    curious Guest

    Is your definition of a troll "having many ids"? obviously, another
    American idiot.
    curious, Jul 11, 2008
  8. curious

    Todd H. Guest

    So your allegation is that it's better to be a Burmese (generally
    wonderful folks that I've met) who's unfortunately assimilated America
    fast enough to be a fast-track entitlement-minded Californian whiner?
    Well, sometimes you have to hurt to help.
    You sign a year's lease and got upset that the person who was counting
    on 12 months of income out of that utilization of their capital tried
    to hold you to the legal agreement you signed?
    Well, kudos to that. You had a legitimate gripe. I bet you could've
    gotten satisfaction witha few phone calls too, though.
    Your stories are growing tiring.

    I think I like you better than the idiots who take things lying down
    and let companies walk all over them. But you've gone to the
    opposite extreme I think... and I wonder if you're someone that
    trouble always manages to find because your attitude seems to always
    be looking for some conflict rather than being focused more on an
    equitable solution.

    But that's just me having fun with armchair usenet psychology.

    Enjoy your hunt for a new service facility. Did you ever bother to
    include in your long tirade where you're located? Perhaps more
    constructive information like that might focus more on solving your
    problem (i.e. finding a new auto servicer) than on your belabored
    stories of consumer oppression.

    But then again, I think you are more interested in the drama than an
    actual solution. :)
    Todd H., Jul 11, 2008
  9. curious

    curious Guest

    Like I said, you're typical Americans who when have nothing
    constructive to say, comes up w/ bs. BTW, the fact that you stopped to
    reading my posts made w/ account not intended to use here but I
    accidentally used, showed how desperate you are.

    BTW, don't equate me with the Burmese folks you met. I ain't native
    and do not want to be either.
    You were helping? News to me. FYI, I think you're dumb. If my
    using this line doesn't make you to realize that you can't take back
    the stupidity you showed w/ your first post in this thread, I do not
    know what will.
    Like I said, you are an average American such that in your pursuit to
    find fault w/ me you put a noose in your neck to remember that as a
    privately managed apartment complex though they only rent to students
    at that university, I had a fucking right to get out of lease if I
    find a replacement who would take over my lease just like at any
    apartment complex.. If managed by the university, I wouldn't need to
    find a replacement for reasons such as graduating or transferring to
    another university.
    WTF? Can you read English, your first language? I clearly indicated
    in my explanation that my phone calls were not returned while no one
    ever answered the phone.
    Good, I have more for people like you who acts like a smart Alec.
    You can wonder what you want. Which part of the explanation did you
    not understand that when I made the appointment for 30,K maintenance
    check, I made it with that girl , asking her what exactly would be
    done in the check, AND clearly told her that when I get there, I would
    want to see the list of items she is stating before I signed the work
    order. Still, the con artist tried to not give me a copy of the work
    order after asking me signed for it. In the past, the previous
    person, ALWAYS gave me one right when I signed it. I didn't think
    much of all that until she pulled the last stunt, making me realized
    that she's a wanna con artist but she tried on the wrong person. Like
    typical Americans idiots, she probably interpretted my accent as
    What else would you say?
    I assure you I am having fun making you realize that you are a
    typical average American
    That was going to be given later after I get my refund check in the
    mail? BTW, why did you think the manager offered me the refund in the
    form of check and not put it back on credit card? I knew he could do
    that instead of giving me some lame excuse, needing my credit card,
    blah..blah... It's called damage control. He knew that I had
    legitimate complaints to take it to BBB and Consumer affairs and also
    he doesn't want me to be posting in Subaru forums.
    The goal of the post was not just finding a new place to take my car
    to; it was also to ive them what they deserve for doing this to a long
    the customer.
    What else you got? Typical dumb men always attacking women as drama
    people while men are the ones w/ real drama.

    FYI, I already got a place to take my car to given to me by an
    employee at that dealership. I was told that if that place didn't
    handle Suabru, they would refer me another one that does. But, that
    place is kind of far and I would prefer to find something closer. I am
    sure I can find it by posting in a forum where people from my city
    curious, Jul 12, 2008
  10. curious

    gotbent Guest

    Good observation dude. I think the OP is just so on the rag....maybe if she
    dislikes Americans so much, she should stop sponging off the nice folks in
    Cali that are paying for her matriculation and go back the **** wherever she
    came from. If any of these events actually happened anywhere besides the
    confines of her poisoned mind she should publicize names and dates, so the
    concerned parties could launch lawsuits for the libel and slander this ditz
    is spouting.

    gotbent, Jul 12, 2008
  11. curious

    Todd H. Guest

    So let me see if I've got this straight-- you're Burmese and American
    but you don't want to be associated with Burma and you seem to hate
    "typical Americans?"

    Is there anything you like?
    I'm telling you that your actions sound like they _draw_ poor customer
    service and that you might try a more reasoned approach lest every car
    repair facility you ever step into send you off into a rant the likes
    of what we've endured here.

    To wit, maybe the problem is more easily found in the vanity mirror of
    your car than with the actual dealership.
    And I think yer an entitlement minded confrontational pain in the ass.
    You have some things to learn about the legal system and contracts
    apparently. As a privately managed apartment complex, they had you
    sign a year's lease. And unless that lease had a clause to let you
    out of it because you decided to whimsically transfer to another
    university, then they had every right to hold you to the terms of the
    lease. That's why these legal documents get signed.

    And that's why among the reasons why University housing costs more
    than private.

    But I'm sure in your world what you want to do is supposed to trump
    the legal terms of any contract you've signed? It's also pretty clear
    to me you've never run your own business and had to deal with pain in
    the ass customers like yourself.
    I said "a few phone calls." You said "my phone calls." If you had
    some sense of nuance in language you've had picked up on the
    difference. What I'm saying is that had you approached YOUR phone
    calls in a different way perhaps results would have been better with
    that route. For example, did you come off as a whiney emotional pain
    in the ass in those messages you left, I wonder? In a way that
    practically begged the person to wonder "do I really want to return
    the phone call of this pain in the ass?"
    Wait a minute I thought I was dumb. Now I'm smart and a Baldwin
    brother? Which is it?
    I'm sure he's scared.
    LMAO. This is funny.

    To be honest, I totally thought you were a guy until this posting
    where you mentioned being female several times. If you mentioned it
    in other posts, I glossed over it as I skimmed your rant. I'd not
    have dropped the B bomb if I didn't think you were a guy, actually.
    So I'll cheerfully cop to making a wrong assumption that you were male
    based on the demographic here in this forum and the lack of a usable
    name in your posting handle. I don't call women bitches, but boy it's
    fun to call whiney guys that.

    So if I had it to do all over again, I'd not call you a whiney bitch.
    I would use "whiney emotional pain in the ass" instead.

    But you are right, dealing with a dealership as a female can be very
    difficult, add in an accent and you're dealing with an additional
    barrier. So when you've got these two prejudices going against you,
    and now, moving back to my desire to help you avoid this in the
    future, you'd be well served to remove the emotion from the
    negotiations, remain calm, and stick to facts and logic and not fuel

    If you were as smart as you seem to think you are, you'd know that
    successful negotiation is best based on fact, reason, and not
    escalating the emotions of a conflict versus having a hissy fit and
    going on a mission to complain to every Subaru forum you can find.

    I've been charged for spark plugs that I changed myself on 30k
    services before. I know I was able to effectively get the error
    corrected without having a major meltdown about it. Maybe the service
    advisor you were dealing with was a charlatan, or maybe your charming
    personality rubbed her the wrong way and led to a catty escalation,
    who knows. We weren't there.

    But I think the safe money is on your inability to calmly and firmly
    describe the error, and get satisfaction rather than a scheming Subaru
    service advisor being hell bent on making extra money charging people
    for spark plugs. But stranger things have happened I suppose.
    Good. Are we done now?

    Have a great weekend.
    Todd H., Jul 12, 2008
  12. curious

    Dave Guest

    As long as it's not Texas. We don't want her either!

    PS Todd, your posts were well thought out and surprisingly restrained in the
    face of that fury. I've done the same in face to face conflicts with
    customers, but don't know that I could have done the same on the internet.
    Dave, Jul 12, 2008
  13. curious

    curious Guest

    Thank you for showing to the world by an excellent example how a
    typical American idiots's thought processing work, like a retard, of

    According to this American idiot, matriculation classes in US are
    held at the Universities in US.
    curious, Jul 12, 2008
  14. curious

    curious Guest

    There is an example of a Bubba.
    Thank you on behalf of Todd for trying to help save his face but you
    do know that it would not work, didn't you? But then being a Bubba,
    you couldn't possibly have know, have you?
    curious, Jul 12, 2008
  15. curious

    curious Guest

    Do you know that you are more boring than you will ever know? Or
    may be you are bored and were looking for drama. Right now, at this
    moment, watching a movie on TV, during a commercial break, I will
    entertain myself by tearing apart your logic..again....

    I simply alerted you to not assume that I am like those Burmese, most
    of who are suffering from complex inferiority and expect us to
    abandaon our heritage and culture and adopt theirs in ways where we
    act as if we are ashamed of being us. I like this Einstein 's quote:
    "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."
    Well, suddenly, I have realized that I'd rather take nap during the
    commercial reak than read your boring paternal crap. So I'll skip the
    redundant crap you wrote, like the above.
    Do you think that if there wasn't such a clause, that redneck would
    have given in?
    Wrong. University housing I was at was not dormitory and it's for
    graduate students and it's market rate.
    Like I said, you are boring, repeating the redundant crap, looking for
    a straw like a drowning man.

    Too boring man. Gotta go. Bye.
    curious, Jul 12, 2008
  16. curious

    Todd H. Guest

    "Boring" must be a euphemism for "shit, the guy made a point so valid
    that even _I_ can't seem to argue with it."

    Between your loathing of "typical Americans," calling male southerners
    "Bubba's," your misandry (look it up, college girl), your disdain for
    your own fellow Burmese, you really are an interesting study.

    Amanda, dear, for a foreign-born female Muslim availing yourself of
    America's graduate education system, you certainly come off as most
    racist and prejudiced so-called "educated" person I think I've ever
    encountered. Most reasonable people who are triple minorities are
    rather cluefully sensitive to the perils of labeling people, but
    somehow you've escaped that.

    But suddenly, the more I see when googling
    and or just curiousnfirewall, the more I
    fear you may actually have a diagnosable mental illness. Perhaps OCD.
    If that's true, I need to punch out of this discussion because it's
    not cool to pick on the mentally unwell.

    As appropriate, see your therapist or doctor. Do the work. Take the
    meds. Be well. Quit harassing service departments, suing doctors, or
    tormenting yourself trying to respond to all posts you don't agree
    with on message boards.....

    Best Regards,
    Todd H., Jul 13, 2008
  17. curious

    Frank Guest

    Looks like Gotbent hit a nerve. Your original post was just a whine and
    not worthy of discussion.
    Frank, Jul 13, 2008
  18. curious

    Dave Guest

    "But then being a Bubba, you couldn't possibly have known, could you?"

    There, I fixed it for you. What do you know, I can be civil over the
    internet! You have a great day darlin'! Buhbye!
    Dave, Jul 13, 2008
  19. curious

    curious Guest

    FYI, I do not loathe Americans or Burmese per se. I loathe Americans
    who are idiots and the Burmese who act nice, claim to be Buddhists,
    and yet are hypocrites. I assure you that the majority of Burmese
    people you have met are such people, i.e.: outwardly nice-looking
    people who think that those of us with only 2, 3 generation of history
    in the country should not get equal citizenship as them. This is
    purely out of inferiority complex where they wrry that with better
    work ethics and ability, we would outshine them in the free market
    system. If they (the mass) had not be so happy about this
    scapegoating ticket that the then military government used to make
    them think their lots wold improve under the military rule and fought
    against the military rule in mass-scale, the military power would not
    have gotten this strong.

    I called him Bubba as he made a comment that I should not got o Texas.
    Only a Bubba would make that kind of nationalistic statement.
    Like I said, you keep proving how average American you are with this
    labeling despite knowing where religious leaning form spying on me,
    reading my posts in other groups.
    "educated" person I think I've ever
    Glad to hear that because, even in my younger years as a teenager, I
    used to see myself as representative of International but as I get
    older, I have realized that those of us who do not belong to any
    particular ethnic group (I am referring to the ones not based by
    religious identity) do not have a voice. The vast majority of the
    people, despite exposure to other culture after moving to another
    country, still function based on tribal mentality. Hard to blame them
    for they see how the host country never accept them (or us) as equal
    and they are subtly discriminated but that doesn't stop them to not do
    the same on others (people like me). That is why I loathe such
    I already explained why I have changed my position on that in my
    previous post. Here is a fact: The Burmese who want to discriminate
    minority like me do so out of fear of our superior ability in commerce
    and yet they act like we are supposed to act inferior and feel ashamed
    in front of them. That is what disgust me the most.
    curious, Jul 14, 2008
  20. curious

    Todd H. Guest

    Then why not leave "American" and "Burmese" out of the name calling
    and focus on the real issue of "idiots" and "hypocrites?"

    There's you being locked cocked and looking for a fight based on your
    ethnicity. The way I read it, Texas doesn't want you simply because
    you're a demonstrated pain in the ass. His comment had nothing to do
    with race or nationalism yet you're the one who went there.

    Nah, I'm actually well above average, and you'll note that I'm not
    making an issue of your religious leanings, though I'm sure you're the
    sort who would love me to make an issue with it so you can call
    attention to how you're being oppressed.
    Was that in English? I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying
    People who discriminate on race, color, nationality or generally any
    attribute that folks can't really change do quite suck.

    But you've got control over being a colossal pain in the ass.

    Don't ascribe to malice that which can be more adequately explained
    with a simple oversight. And remember you can catch a lot more
    flies with sugar than with vinegar. Not everyone is out to get ya.

    Best Regards,
    Todd H., Jul 14, 2008
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