Low profile Potenzas for sale

Discussion in 'Subaru Parts For Sale / Trade' started by Kevin Hall, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Kevin Hall

    Kevin Hall Guest

    I recently bought a set of WRX 16" rims for our Forester, and they came
    with very low profile tires on. These are Potenza RE730 directional tires,
    size 205-50-ZR16. They are about half used, but still stick like crap to a
    cashmere coverlet.

    They are too small in circumference for our Forester; they gear the thing
    way down, but they would be ideal for one of you speed demons to burn up on
    track days.

    I'd like $150 Cdn. for the four of 'em. We are in Ontario, about 100 miles
    west of Ottawa, 40 miles south of Pembroke. We do get to Mosport and
    Shannonville for vintage car and bike races, so could meet up there if they
    are of interest to anyone in those neighbourhoods.

    Kevin Hall, Sep 12, 2003
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