Looking for Victims of 1SourceAutoWarranty.com

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Steve Horrillo, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Anyone have a bad experience with 1SourceAutoWarranty.com Car Extended
    Warranty? Right from the beginning I've had problems with them. I took my
    car to the dealer and 1Source refused to pay what the dealer was asking for
    the price for the starter and labor so I had to pay the difference. Ended up
    paying $150 on a warranty that's zero deductible and their most costly
    option, "The Diamond Plan." This time they are holding me up by sending out
    a claims adjuster and the dealer has been waiting for two days for an
    answer. My Internet research has turned up numerous people with similar
    complaints. The attitude of the people at claims department (Sherman and
    Chris) is just horrible. So I tried to call the sales department. It's
    amazing to see how even their attitude changed once they got my check. The
    sales department was SO nice. Until they got my check. Now if I call the
    sales department, the second they realize I'm not calling to buy their
    warranty, they transfer me instantly to the claims department. They don't
    even say they are. No goodbye, nothing, just click! I've never had to
    struggle like this with an auto warranty company. I paid all this money for
    peace of mind and all I'm getting is grief. All 1sourceautowarranty.com
    victims please contact me. Let's get together a class action lawsuit. If we
    band together maybe we can get them to honor their contractual agreements.
    There's power in numbers. Any other ideas on what to do in a case like this?

    Stephen Horrillo

    Steve Horrillo, Jul 21, 2004
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