Looking for Guidance on Subaru Outback 2018 Gearbox Problems

Jun 19, 2024
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Hello Everyone :cool:,

I'm contacting you to ask for advice because my 2018 Subaru Freestyle has been having gearbox problems lately. Since I've always heard good things about Subarus' dependability, I'm surprised and concerned about this problem.

This is the current circumstance: A few symptoms that I've noticed lead me to believe that there may be a gearbox issue. First of all, there is a discernible lag when changing into drive or reverse from park. The automobile seems to pause briefly before shifting into gear. I've also had some harsh shifting, particularly at slower speeds. Additionally, there's a subtle but noticeable whining sound that gets louder as you accelerate. So far, I've performed some simple troubleshooting.

I checked this 👉 https://www.competitionsubaru.com/how-to-solve-a-subaru-transmission-failure/

The gearbox fluid levels appear to be within the normal range after I checked them. The dashboard does not have any danger lights on, and there are no leaks under the vehicle that are apparent. I'm not very knowledgeable about auto maintenance, so I'm not sure what further I should research or what these signs could mean.

Has anyone else have these problems with a model year similar to yours? 🤔If yes, describe the diagnosis and the steps you took to get well. I'm attempting to ascertain whether that's something that, with the appropriate assistance, I can handle on my own or if it's an indication of a more significant blue prism issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Any recommendations or guidance would be really valued. Before this maybe turns into anything more serious, I want to ensure that absolutely I handle it correctly.

Thank you 🙏 in advance.

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