Key fob's Auto. Lockouts ? (2019 Outback)

Discussion in 'Subaru Outback' started by Robert11, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Robert11


    Mar 13, 2020
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    Hi Folks,

    Have a 2019 Outback.
    Has the pushbutton start, and the wireless remote key fob's.

    Still a zillion gimmicks that I don't understand.
    Will blame it on old age now.

    Was thumbing thru the book, and came across a paragraph or two
    describing how if the key fob hasn't,t been used in 5 days, it locks itself out.
    Also, a more severe lockout if not used in 9 days.

    Huh !

    Question: if i go on vacation for 2 weeks and leave the car at home, what happens ?

    Can i still get into it, and start it ? What has happened, and what should i do ?

    **If not, how do I resurrect everything to a normal status; assume the
    9 days of inactivity.

    Is there some way at Dealership, or by me, to disable this nonsense, and have it work, "always", normally ?

    Really confusing.

    If anyone could explain all of this for me, would be most

    Robert11, Mar 13, 2020
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