Is this normal? 2015 Impreza Money Pit model

Nov 12, 2021
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Hi everyone, new to the forum. I'm a former Volvo 240 enthusiast (well, I'm still enthusiastic about them, I just don't have one anymore) who bought a new Subaru Impreza Sport Wagon back in 2015. It was the first brand new car I have ever bought and boy am I regretting it. Well things were pretty great for the first couple of years, but literally the day after the warranty expired we started experiencing issues with the clutch and had to replace the clutch assembly, since then, we've had a series of expensive issues the latest being the AC system needing to be completely replaced to the tune of 2k. I'd say in the past 6 years we've spent at least 6k in repairs. Tell me, is this normal, or did I buy a dud? At this rate I never want to buy another Subaru again, I would not have expected a new car to give me this much trouble for at least 10-15 years (but maybe I was spoiled by those Volvos...). I know I have zero recourse and I really like the look of the Subaru wagons but if they're that expensive to own, it's just not worth it for me to buy another one. Thoughts?

Also, would not recommend the manual transmission to anyone considering one. I thought it would give me more oomph, but if anything, it drags me down (2nd and 3rd gears are a joke).


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