Impreza won't start, somehow related to steering. Can't diagnose. Help!

Jul 20, 2023
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2014 Subaru Impreza.

First the history before the issue started - About a year and a half ago I had a loss of steering issue. It turned out to be due to a known defect, a cracked part in the steering column which was warrantied and the dealer replaced/fixed that.

The Issue now. Ever since that repair I have had an intermittent problem starting the car. I turn the key - nothing happens except every light on the dashboard comes on. Car doesn't even attempt to turn over. It's not the battery. Battery is fine. But jump starting the car when it's in this situation won't even always work. What will eventually get the car to start is cranking the wheel as far as I possibly can to the right and as far as I can left once or twice then back to center, then turn they key, and it starts up like there was no issue. But I may need to do that once or twice or 15 times. Once it does start, I can't reproduce the issue. But I've shown several people when it does happen, so I'm not crazy.

I can find no common scenario to when this happens. Doesn't matter if the engine is cold or warm, what position the wheel was in when I parked, what the weather was, nothing I can think of. It may happen a couple times in a week, or once every couple months.

I've had a few mechanics look at it, but because we can't reproduce the issue on demand, no on has been able to determine what's triggering it or how to fix it.

Any input much appreciated.
Take it back to where you first had the work done. Sounds like something with the ignition switch when they took it out.
There is no mention of what type of transmission, Automatic or Standard?
Look at the supplied image and if there is a metal "bling bling" ring around the ignition switch, remove it.
Make sure the are no other transponder style keys near the ignition key when attempting to start.
Have a qualified technician test, measure the start signal to the: Starter circuit, Engine controller, Body Control or Transmission Control.


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Identify the model.
Make sure NO transponders or RFID devices are near the key. The key needs to be without anything near it.


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