if you run your fingers across my car, i'll run my car across your fingers.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Gap_filler, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Gap_filler

    Gap_filler Guest

    hello, I just bought a '04 WRX (my baby) and its pretty much stock.
    i was wondering what i should start with in performance terms.
    and i would also like to know what i should do for it's looks.
    I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to mechanics but any
    help will be greatly appreciated.
    thank you.
    Gap_filler, Jun 1, 2006
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  2. Gap_filler

    Dean Guest

    Well first you need go buy an STI wing and replace the wimpy little
    spoiler. Then you have to rip off all the WRX badges so noone knows
    for sure. Then you have to get bling-bling wheels and super-duper
    low-profile tires that look cool. Sure you'll jar the teeth from your
    head, but you'll have poser cred at the local Starbucks.

    Oh, and stickers. You need to get tuner stickers all over your car.
    Mugen, NOS, whatever. It doesn't even matter if they make stuff for
    Subies. Nobody cares.

    And you need a ground effects kit of some type. Those all are
    guaranteed to add at least 10HP.
    Dean, Jun 1, 2006
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  3. Gap_filler

    Josh Assing Guest

    years back a buddy wanted a 69 Mach I -- we went and looked a bunch.
    We found one that was being worked on by a bunch of neighborhood kids in some
    dudes garage.

    When we asked why all the chrome & metal was painted black (looked like shit)
    the response blew us away -- we had ZERO clue about this....

    Black is faster than any other colour.... While it doesn't boost HP -- speed is
    speed -- so in addition to getting the extra 10hp (those are REAR wheel ponies I
    believe, not front -- dunno how that works but it's true - I read it somewhere,
    honest) -- but paint the car black -- it'll go faster!

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    Josh Assing, Jun 1, 2006
  4. Gap_filler

    Body Roll Guest

    I don't think your criticism of wheel/tire upgrade has any validity.
    04 comes with 16" rims I think. Arguable he'd get a better steering
    feel with 17" that new WRXes are coming with. Also I should mention
    that higher performing tires (even the winter ones for some reason)
    come in lower profiles. Installing 17" rims opens up opportunities
    for much better tires (Yokohama Advan Neova for example).
    So if you want a cushy ride that's fine. I just don't understand why
    you ridicule someone who want a better road feel (nevermind the
    increased grip and
    wet weather safety) of low profile max performance summer tires.

    I just don't see why did you need to mock the poster. Was the question
    I don't think so. He did not ask about fart can brands. Why did you
    want to rob him or an opportunity to soup up his ride in a meaningful
    way? Are all mods stupid? I don't think so.

    Back to the original question. I think the rim/tire package should be
    top of the list for the upgrade.
    Body Roll, Jun 1, 2006
  5. Gap_filler

    Dean Guest

    Yeah, my reply was a little harsh. I wasn't trying to mock the poster
    so much as this mentality that stock is garbage and that somehow you
    are less worthy if you don't do a bunch of shit to your ride.

    And road feel isn't about low profile tires. I guarantee you that at
    F1 car has more road feel than a WRX on solid tires would, but it has
    more sidewall than your average "tuner" car. I think money would be
    better spent on suspension tuning, especially if your use is 100%
    street. I'm sure the Subie engineers made some suspension compromises
    to allow the Rex to be used in amateur rally racing.
    Dean, Jun 1, 2006
  6. Gap_filler

    speednxs Guest

    Horsepower is about putting out a lot of torque at high RPM. Do you
    really find yourself driving over 5K RPM a lot of the time? If not,
    you could put a lot of bucks into something you will never use. Since
    you already have a turbo, upping the boost increases the torque. Ther
    are various intake systems to get the engine to breath better. All
    that emissions crap cuts performance, so you'll want to "chip it" or
    get some form of engine management that gets it to breath correctly
    across the RPM range. Race cams will also up the torque at high RPMs
    with some loss of drivibility around town. Once you have high torque
    at high RPM you'll need better cranks, rods and valve trains to keep
    the engine from blowing up.

    In the end, it would be a lot easier just to buy an STi.

    There is one high performance part that is pure software. That is the
    driver, YOU!

    Do the phrases "threshold braking up to the corner turn in point",
    "trail braking up to the apex", "putting it into power on oversteer out
    to the corner exit" and "drag racing the straight up to the next
    braking point" mean any thing to you?

    Heres a little test. Can you take a more or less constant radius turn
    by turning the steering wheel exactly once at the entrance to the turn
    and once at the exit? This is positional control. A necessary skill
    before you try braking hard from 120 mph down to 70, going through the
    turn, and back upto 120. You need to know exactly where on the road
    things happen. 1/4 second late on your turn in and you are over the
    embankment. Newbies tend to drift the car to the inside of the turn
    before the corner. They also coast down, rather than brake down to the
    correct speed. And bobble the speed up and down through the corner as
    they go a bit too fast and a bit too slow.

    If not, get thee to a driving school. Racing and emergency avoidance
    are exactly the same language. It's "racing school" to your buddies
    and "safety school" to your insurance agent. Personally I find driving
    well a lot more fun that having the right stickers on my windows. It's
    just so satisfying.

    Driving hard on the street will just end you up in jail or a hospital.
    Just Say No. You can drive precisely at .9, .8, .7 or .6 of maximum.
    If you do want to go really fast, there are plenty of race tracks that
    will take your money. You haven't lived until you've turned a 30K car
    into 1K of scrap and learned that "it's a bit slippery in turn 3

    Have fun with your WRX.
    speednxs, Jun 1, 2006
  7. It depends so much on what KIND of performance you're after, or if you
    just want s some milder ways to 'personalize' your car. Mine is a 'daily
    driver' work car and I doubt I will do a lot in the way of mods. If you
    plan to rally in mud/dirt - stay with your 16s (or at least keep them to
    swap on with gravel spec tires for the race). Otherwise, I think
    upgrading(plus 1, lighter and maybe wider) rims/tires is a 5 way win.
    a. less unsprung mass
    b. less rotating mass
    c. less acceleration robbing mass in general (8-11lbs. = 1hp)
    d. stiffer sidewalls (probably)
    e. better looks!

    Once you start, it might be hard to stop. I have only done; clear bra,
    window tint, dashmat, Stromung muffler and SSR GT2 wheels/Kumho ECSTA
    ASX tires(3.5 pounds lighter than stock per corner). Next year I hope to
    get SPT wagon spec springs (approx. 1 inch lower, 20% stiffer) and
    stainless brake lines.

    For LOTS of info, check out www.nasioc.com (they REALLY prefer newbies
    read all the FAQs and 'stickies' before posting). also, check out
    www.subarureview.com for some comments on 'stuff'.

    welcome to soob world!

    here's a pic of me and my ride in 'action';


    Carl 1 Lucky Texan, Jun 1, 2006
  8. More to the point, low profile tyres aren't about road feel,
    but about making room for bigger brake rotors. I always have
    a little chuckle seeing folk in cars that have gone for 35
    profile tyres with big wheels that have almost no spokes so
    you can see they've still got the tiny wimpy little rotors
    and calipers dwarfed inside :).

    Clifford Heath.
    Clifford Heath, Jun 2, 2006
  9. Gap_filler

    Body Roll Guest

    Well, I'd rather let civilization discontents to dress their ride
    however they want.
    I'm not a fashion nazi :) Spoiler, schmoiler. It's important to spot
    them in traffic I think.
    Ok, I have to back off on the road feel.
    But in terms of grip better rubber is much better bang for the buck
    messing with suspension. I might still do it on mine, but only because
    I hate squat and dive
    (roll is taken care of with a fat RSB). It'll probbably affect grip
    very little though.

    Neovas don't come in 205 55 16 size (04 rex has 16" rims) so I
    suggested 17" rims might
    work better.
    Body Roll, Jun 2, 2006
  10. Gap_filler

    ric_man Guest

    I will second that... and spend money on the brakes first! Good brakes
    will allow you to go faster - think about it...

    ric_man, Jun 4, 2006
  11. Gap_filler

    Sheldon Guest

    Part of the answer to your question is if you up the performance of your
    ride, where will you use it? If you are going to take the car on the track,
    the sky is the limit. If you plan on using the car on the street, color
    will make a difference. No, black will not make it go faster, but bright
    red will make it easier to spot by the cops.

    You can add some power by replacing the intake with a some kind of mesh
    filter system, and an aftermarket exhaust might help. Larger wheels and
    brakes sure can't hurt, but you will stiffen up the ride.

    I'm not sure at what speed a bigger tail will help. I've been told a whale
    tail on a Porsche helps at around 60mph and up, but that would also include
    an air damn up front to keep the car from lifting.

    If you just like to step on the gas and have your neck snap back, the
    cheapest fix for that is nitrous oxide.
    Sheldon, Jun 5, 2006
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