I own an 05 legacy GT. 5spd turbo 2.5L. I have questions about rarity/demand

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by Thedefuser, Jul 9, 2020.

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    Jul 9, 2020
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    Hello to anyone who reads this! 1. How rare is an 05 LGT 5spd. 2. How sought out is my car in the Subaru world?-----backstory to how i got the car and why I made this post--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I purchased my GT from my father who's been a technician at the same Subaru dealership for 20+ years. He managed to aquire the car from his dealership due to a series of crazy events. Its a long story but a sales rep really screwed up and this 05 LGT with a "blown" motor had been sitting in the lot and the dealership just wanted to get rid of it so my father was able to buy it for super cheap and then sold it to me. I was already into cars but never deeply intrigued by them but when I bought my LGT my passion was ignited. Well we pulled the motor and he came to the decision (Im still learning motor work and what not so sorry if I cant describe or explain what was wrong and/or broke.) that the block was usable but in rough shape and would eventually need to be replaced. Since i had the money saved up I decided to buy a brand new block, valves, and head gasket. The block didn't "need" to be replaced at that moment but since the motor was out and torn apart it made sense to replace it now. (the previous owner of the car took pretty much no care of the car.) we also replaced the whole clutch assembly cuz well like previously stated since the motor was out and only god knew when the clutch was replaced we might as well do it now. Well here's where I have to confess. I am a Nissan fan so my knowledge of what subaru's are the shit is minimal but I love subaru's, my family has had multiple Subaru's that with just normal/standard oil changes have made over the 300,000 mile's mark and they didn't just die and go to a scrap like many other cars they are either junkers for the farm or "loaners" for when me or my siblings need a car. The reason I bring all this up is to give you some insight on my history with Subaru's but also insight on where I've gained the knowledge about my 05 LGT. My father who altough works for Subaru is a muscle car guy. He would say "if it aint mopar then its nocar." As he's showing me stuff on my import lol. Despite that since he works for Subaru and is around many import fans he's picked a few things up. He claims that this car is somewhat sought after in the Subaru world. He says because its a turbo'd 5spd with a 2.5L its a slightly sought out combination. Again I dont know much about subaru's and what's the "bee's knee's" for lack of better terms when it comes them. I've tried looking around and all I see are the WRX and STI's but from i've seen those are impreza's and anything Legacy related is the SPEC B. From what i've read the SPEC B is basically my car but with a 6 spd and navigation system. So at the end of the day what im asking/wondering is in the begining of my post : 1. How rare is an 05 LGT 5spd. 2. How sought out is my car in the Subaru world?
    Thedefuser, Jul 9, 2020
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