I changed the time belt and now it won’t start.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by bcr1978, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. bcr1978

    bcr1978 Guest

    I have a XT-GL 1988 in which my friend who is a mechanic changed the
    time belt but now the car won’t start. We want to know how to line the
    time. I guess. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!
    bcr1978, Apr 3, 2007
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  2. bcr1978

    johninKY Guest

    Engine has to be rotated 360 degrees after first belt is installed and
    before second belt is installed. First timers often overlook this and
    also often use the wrong timing marks on the flywheel.

    Go to www.xt6.net and you will find the entire procedure.
    johninKY, Apr 3, 2007
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