How hard to pull starter in a 95 Legacy FWD (auto)?

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by Rob Aries, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Rob Aries

    Rob Aries Guest

    I have the common problem (as I've read) of worm solenoid contacts
    making it hard to start my Legacy. I have the replacement contacts. I
    need to pull the starter and I just want to dot my I's & cross my T's
    before I start. I tend to have bad luck with seemingly simple repairs
    like this!

    From what I've heard, there are just two bolts holding the
    starter/solenoid on (or one bolt & one nut). One of the bolts is on top
    and easily accessible, but the other one must be on the underside of the
    starter. I have a 3/8" Craftsman rachet with an angled handle & flex
    head, and an extension bar, nothing more specialized. It does look a
    little crowded back there and I'm wondering if this is going to work out
    with my limited tool selection.

    Also, if anyone has done the contact replacement itself: is it just a
    matter of replacing the contacts, or is there any soldering that needs
    to be done?

    Tx in advance for any tips!
    Rob Aries, Jul 8, 2007
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  2. Rob Aries

    strchild Guest

    Can't remember any soldering the last time I worked on a starter. You
    should be able to remove both bolts and disconnect the small starter wire
    from the top if you're flexible and maybe a little creative. Start by
    disconnecting the battery, as it connects directly to the starter. (-; I
    always use hand tools for this so I would think your rachet up to that task.

    strchild, Jul 8, 2007
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  3. Rob Aries

    Rob Aries Guest

    That sounds encouraging...I don't see the the lower bolt though, it has
    to be on the underside of the starter...not sure how to get at that from
    the top but I'll give it a try.
    Yes, another Subie forum advised the same thing...something about
    "unintended arc welding" :) Disconnecting the battery will be the first
    step, for sure!
    Rob Aries, Jul 8, 2007
  4. Rob Aries

    strchild Guest

    Well, even if you can't get to the lower bolt from the top, it's easy from
    below. I've done it both ways. (-; Course, age and mobility could be

    strchild, Jul 8, 2007
  5. Rob Aries

    AS Guest

    Are u sure it is not the inhibitor switch on the right hand side of the
    AS, Jul 9, 2007
  6. Rob Aries

    Rob Aries Guest

    I'm 99.99% sure. I tried the "jiggle the shit lever as you start"
    technique and it made no difference. Also, if it was the switch, I
    don't think I would hear the click of the solenoid plunger, would I?
    Rob Aries, Jul 9, 2007
  7. Rob Aries

    strchild Guest

    If it were the transmission inhibitor switch you shouldn't hear the plunger.
    Put the tranny in gear and try starting the car (foot on brake of course).
    Provided your inhibitor switch is working you should notice no click from
    the starter.

    strchild, Jul 10, 2007
  8. Rob Aries

    nobody > Guest

    nobody >, Jul 11, 2007
  9. Rob Aries

    Rob Aries Guest

    Yea I guess my brain took an overdose of ex-lax there :)

    I think SHIFT lever is what I meant to say!

    That is one great typo though...
    Rob Aries, Jul 11, 2007
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