Help: Quick Tribeca Question

Discussion in 'Subaru Tribeca' started by Kevin Strasser, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. I just bought a Tribeca, but the manual is missing. Can someone tell me
    where I can plug in my iPod to the stereo. I have read you can do it,
    but I do not see where the input is.


    - Kevin
    Kevin Strasser, Jul 28, 2006
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  2. Kevin Strasser

    Ian Guest

    Hi Kevin!

    I looked in my manual but there is no mention of connecting an iPod or other
    auxiliary source to the stock radio. The CD player will play MP3s from a
    CD-R -- if that's any help.

    Cheers, Ian Vogt
    Ian, Jul 31, 2006
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  3. Kevin Strasser

    Edward Hayes Guest

    I don't know about the hookup but, you can get a manual by going to and asking for one.
    Edward Hayes, Jul 31, 2006
  4. Kevin Strasser

    Gridleakkbe3 Guest

    Subie stock radios CANNOT be upgraded or modified
    for plug-and-play operation with an iPod. Unfortunatly
    Subaru stock radios are made by Panasonic (Mashushita
    Electronics) which has a historic reputation for building
    junk that's 3 years out of date on a consistent basis.

    Your best bet is to RIP OUT the stock Subaru factory radio and
    buy an aftermarket iPod compatible radio from Circuit City or
    Crutchfield or elsewhere.

    (Curious to note that Honda radios were .Mp3 and iPod ready
    in their 2005 model year, but subaru still supplies radios with
    an optional cassette player?? - as usual, Subaru is a day late
    and $2 short....)
    Gridleakkbe3, Jul 31, 2006
  5. Yep, and they have horrible stock speakers too. I dunno if they just
    assume everyone will upgrade to after market or what.

    I THINK there is an iPod adapter that some folks like which goes in-line
    with the antenna input - maybe a stereo shop could install one for you?

    Carl 1 Lucky Texan, Jul 31, 2006
  6. Kevin Strasser

    nobody Guest

    There are some "cigarette lighter" plug FM modulators that claim to feed
    the signal back to the in-dash radio via the power wiring (no antenna
    fittings). The one I bought works in some vehicles but not others. A lot
    depends on what wires/harnesses can radiate out to the vehicle antenna.
    It works fine in my 95 Chevy standard van at work; but not in the
    fibersplice stepvan.

    Unfortunately the clearance place I bought mine from no longer handles
    them. For $12 it would be worth a try; kludgey as that solution is!

    My 2000 OBW Limited came with the idiotic CD(only)/cassette combo. It
    actually didn't sound all that bad after replacing the speakers with
    something decent and adding the Soobie subwoof. I did treat myself to a
    skookum head unit anyway ;} (and it has an AUX input!)

    I've been "reminded" of those crappy stock speakers for three days. The
    2005 Forester loaner I'm driving has more buzzes/thuds/squawks/threeps
    than *any* OEM sound system this new and time in use. With the bass set
    at -1 the armrests put out more sound than the speakers do on deep bass
    nobody, Aug 1, 2006
  7. Kevin Strasser

    Gunny Guest

    I tried two different units in my 05 OBW; the cheaper one, the Griffith
    (?) worked very poorly. The more expensive unit, one from DLO at
    almost $100, works well if not perfectly. You can set it to any FM
    station you wish and it charges as it plays...great for long road

    My only complaint is that in some areas, you do get some static. E.g.,
    we recently drove a relative to a retreat in West Virginia and up in
    the hills the reception was so good and there were so many stations
    crowding the dial, it was impossible to get static-free play with the

    <> is the URL for DLO.

    Good luck,
    Gunny, Aug 1, 2006
  8. Did you buy it new or used? If new, I'd contact the dealer, Subaru or both
    but if used then contact your used car dealer. I sell new and used and
    wouldn't think of not ordering one for one of my customers.
    I also don't believe that it has an external plug in port for an Ipod
    although it may be something that a Subaru parts dept might be able to order
    for you.
    NissanSalesRep, Aug 3, 2006
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