hello AND owner's manual 1996 Subaru Impreza 1.8 GL AWD

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by GuyC, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. GuyC

    GuyC Guest

    Hi there

    I'm new in this group and yesterday I have been reading some nice
    articles. First I want to let know that I'm from Belgium-Europe and
    English is not my mother tongue. Also I'm knew to newsgroups in

    Now on the Subaru stuff. My previous (and first) car was a Subaru
    Justy 1.2 S II, running on LPG. I've had a lot of pleasure of this
    car, which I had for 10 years. When I bought it, it had 56,000 km and
    was 1.5 years old; I ended up with 318,000 joyful km. In all that
    period, this car has NEVER let me down! I have had some problems, yes,
    but none of them were major. I had to buy another car because of the
    corrosion: it couldn't pass the obligatory technical control in
    Belgium anymore without very high costs. So I decided to buy another
    one. As driving a very reliable car is very important to me, I decided
    it should be or a Toyota or again a Subaru.

    We had a very good opportunity to buy a 1996 Subaru Impreza 1.8 GL AWD
    with 80,000 km, which we are driving for some months now. First thing
    we did, was buy another LPG-installation (it did cost more than what
    we paid for the car, but within two or three years we will get
    break-even on this one.

    I have some questions on the Impreza; perhaps someone of you can help

    1. Do you know how I can get or download a free or cheap owner's
    manual of this 1996 (built in February, I think) Impreza? Are there
    differences in European-Japanese-American-UK Imprezas? Because I'd
    like a manual that really goes together with this car. I'm not looking
    for a service manual, as my hands are not of a technical kind :) !

    2. I have read some articles on the different Impreza builds (or is it
    builts?) Is my Impreza of the very first generation or is it the
    second/third/fourth one? How much liter gasoline/petrol can it contain
    (I'm asking because we're driving the LPG, as I stated before, so I
    really don't know).

    3. I read somewhere in someones message that there is water leaking
    into the trunk. I made the same conclusion when we were looking for
    another second hand 1997 Impreza and both had this problem. I asked my
    garage keeper (is this good English?) to take care about it, and,
    after serious looking, he found out that there is water leaking from
    one or both SIDES of the backscreen and then leaking into the trunk.

    I hope that you can and will give me positive reaction on my message -
    I'm looking forward to it!


    Guy, Belgium
    GuyC, Jul 3, 2004
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