Heater / AC blower motor problems

Discussion in 'Subaru Crosstrek' started by spezticle, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. spezticle


    Feb 10, 2021
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    Hey all,
    I had an issue with my blower motor in my 2016 crosstrek.
    I first noticed the issue when I was driving, the blower stopped while driving.
    Popped the clutch, put it in neutral, coasted, turned off the car and back on again, and it continued working fine. (I work in IT. Off and on is my go to)

    later, it quit working all together. Did some research, replaced the resistor.
    Great. 1-3 work reliably now. 4 doesn’t. Just heard a click.
    If I try 4 and quickly go to 3, still dead.
    If I try 4, turn it off to 0, wait a second or two, then to 1-3, they all work fine.

    replaced the blower motor. Same results.

    could I have gotten a bad new resistor?
    What else is there to check?

    thank you!
    spezticle, Feb 10, 2021
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