Good/bad years for Subaru

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by rogermont, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. rogermont

    rogermont Guest

    My wife is looking for a Subaru wagon in 4-wheel drive to replace
    her tiring '84 (301K miles) GL wagon. Is there any particular
    year(s) to avoid? She wants 4-wheel drive not all-wheel drive.
    Target years are '89 to '95. Any help will be greatly welcomed.....
    rogermont, Dec 23, 2004
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  2. rogermont

    Hallraker Guest

    You didn't mention country, but I'll assume US. I'm pretty sure that the
    4x4 Loyale was available until 1992 and the AWD Impreza took over in 1993.
    I can't recall when they stopped production of the 4x4 XT, but the first
    year for the AWD SVX was '92 so I would guess you could find an XT up until
    1991. I think the last year for the BRAT was 1988 or 1989. More or less,
    your options are limited as the 1990s were the time of the AWD change over.
    Not to mention that the overall refinement of the later AWD models was a lot
    nicer than the early 4x4 Subies.

    Hallraker, Dec 23, 2004
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  3. rogermont

    Gilles Gour Guest

    Loyales were made until 94. The AWD Legacy was available starting in
    90. I had a 92 Loyale (stolen) that I liked very much. Any 90 to 94
    Loyale without too much body rust and with less than 150 K miles would
    be a good buy. Have it inspected before buying.
    Gilles Gour, Dec 23, 2004
  4. rogermont

    Hallraker Guest

    Someone stole a Loyale?

    Hallraker, Dec 23, 2004
  5. rogermont

    Rob Munach Guest

    1987 was the last year for the BRAT.
    Rob Munach, Dec 23, 2004
  6. rogermont

    BlueSTi Guest

    I don't mean to get off topic but is there any particular reason for
    not wanting the AWD system? I'm not sure what advantage there would
    be for 4 WD over AWD. Just curious.
    BlueSTi, Dec 23, 2004
  7. I don't mean to get off topic but is there any particular reason for
    not wanting the AWD system? I'm not sure what advantage there would
    be for 4 WD over AWD. Just curious.

    Probably that you can put a 4WD into FWD. Although I could do that
    with my AWD by removing a fuse

    Ralph E Lindberg, Dec 23, 2004
  8. rogermont

    Hallraker Guest

    The 4x4 Subies of old were basically like trucks, in that putting it into 4
    wheel drive locked everything together and you could dig yourself out of
    most anything. However, it wasn't of much use on dry pavement. Although
    the AWD systems of today are always on and usable both on and off road, they
    do trade some off-road ability for that on-road usability. The earlier AWD
    models often have open diffs both front and rear, so it is easier to get
    stuck. The newer Subies often have at least a limited slip rear diff, so
    they are that much better, but a BRAT would probably still be better.

    Hallraker, Dec 23, 2004
  9. rogermont

    JD Guest

    One of the major reasons is locking differentials. 4WD systems use a
    transfer case and conventional differentials, while AWD uses a center
    differential that can lock. It is lighter, less complex, and gives better
    traction in most conditions than 4WD.
    JD, Dec 23, 2004
  10. rogermont

    rogermont Guest

    My wife and I are going to 'school' on this one---I insisted on
    4WD thinking the selectable version would be more economical..
    Now I find thru your posts that the AWD types would be more
    user- friendly than 4WD. and possibly compete mileage-wise.
    OPEC has us dancing the Devils Waltz. Prolly about time we
    thought of our alternative fuel sources.
    Would it do any good to call George W.? Don't think so.....
    Sometimes I regret being of the conservative persuasion.....
    rogermont, Dec 24, 2004
  11. Do you know how much research is going on in the field of hydrogen power
    transportation? Evidently not.

    Charles Perry P.E.
    Charles Perry, Dec 24, 2004
  12. rogermont

    Sniper Guest

    Maybe you should enlighten the rest of the uninformed instead of
    providing a useless smart ass response that reeks of your
    'better-than-you' attitude!!

    Too many PEs think they know everything. Must be part of the
    mandatory training program. ...and that's sad.
    Sniper, Dec 24, 2004
  13. rogermont

    S. Brooks Guest

    I read or saw a news report not long ago that showed several hydrogen
    powered cars "filling up" at a service station right in D.C. as a testament
    to the technology and putting it right in the faces of those we have voted
    into power. If I am not mistaken I recall the service station being a Shell
    (?) for some reason. I don't remember who the manufacturer of the vehicle
    was, but my money would be on either Toyota or Honda (am I allowed to say
    these on the Suby group?) coming through first with it after their success
    with putting hybrids on the road.

    P.S. - I can still laugh at your comment about the P.E.'s even though I am
    in the engineer myself, civil actually, and know what you mean. There are
    definitely some "Doogie Howsers" that are quick to make sure that you know
    they are "better-than-you". On the other hand, there are plenty that are
    pretty subdued. Unless Mr. Perry had reason to put the "P.E." at the end of
    his name, like in an official correspondence, I personally think there's no
    need to add it except to show that "attitude" - this *is* a news group and
    not technical memos.
    S. Brooks, Dec 25, 2004
  14. Yes, you need to put it in the face of the Democrats in Washington that do
    not support Pres. Bush's hydrogen economy initiative.

    The DOE is pretty focused on hydrogen right. Oak Ridge National Labs has
    several research projects both for fixed generation of and for tranportation
    Most current research is going toward fuel cell based electric vehicles.
    Unfortunately, fuel cells have a relatively short lifespan. Even using lab
    grade hydrogen, a PEM fuel cell is likely to fall to 1/2 of its original
    output power in less than a year. Recently, we have been testing some units
    that derive their hydrogen from natural gas. This means "dirty" hydrogen,
    and the fuel cells last about 6 months.

    Or it could be part of a sig file. I spend most of my time in technical

    Charles Perry
    Charles Perry, Dec 25, 2004
  15. rogermont

    rogermont Guest

    It's my understanding the onboard 'fuel tank' is considered a 'bomb' in
    most states precluding the development of hydrogen fuel vehicles.
    Anyone know about this?
    I would prefer Mr. Perry, PE etc. NOT respond---I don't much care
    for his attitude or his pocket protectors.
    rogermont, Dec 25, 2004
  16. rogermont

    rogermont Guest

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    rogermont, Dec 25, 2004
  17. rogermont

    BlueSTi Guest

    On my STi I have the option of "Lock" on the DCCD. It seems to behave
    just like a old fashion 4WD when in lock mode.
    BlueSTi, Dec 27, 2004
  18. rogermont

    Styx Guest

    On Sat, 25 Dec 2004 09:37:48 -0500, "Charles Perry"

    You're talking about the FreedomFuel initiative and Bush's whimsical
    la-la-land "Freedom Car." There are reasons why both Democrats *as well as*
    Republicans do not support it.

    And so on and so on and so on.

    - <dumbjaw> * <>
    - <>
    - <the game show network fan club>
    Styx, Dec 27, 2004
  19. Be aware of the engine knock problems that the Loyales had in the 1990 and 1991
    year models, at least. (These problems might have affected later years, but I
    don't know about that.) There were fairly significant engine problems, blown
    head gaskets, piston knock, etc. in the earlier Loyales. I had a 1990 model and
    needed to get significant engine work done on it at 90K miles, despite being
    careful to have oil changes and other maintenance done regularly.

    Catherine Hampton <>
    Home Page * <>
    The SpamBouncer * <>

    (Please use this address for replies -- the address in my header is a
    spam trap.)
    Catherine Hampton, Jan 11, 2005
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