Fuse For Spare Is A Poor Design

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by busterb, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. busterb

    busterb Guest

    If I got a flat in my 04 OBW I would just put the spare on and drive
    away happy. I had no idea that I had to mess with fuses. Subaru gave
    me the spare it should work fine. Maybe they should just give a full
    size spare and avoid the problem. I know if I changed to spare and
    then had AWD issues I'd bring it in for repair under warranty. Subaru
    would pay $$$$$ to repair my AWD when they could have just given a
    full size spare and avoided problems.
    busterb, Jun 16, 2004
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  2. busterb

    Cam Penner Guest

    Or you could read your owners manual.
    Cam Penner, Jun 16, 2004
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  3. busterb

    Todd H. Guest

    Agreed. Why should product designers have to idiot-proof the world
    when doing so adds unnecessary cost for those who actually read the
    documentation on the products that have unique features not found on
    other items in the class?

    Now, more constructively, Subaru could certainly stamp a reminder on
    the jack case cover or near the spare tire compartment for next to
    nothing. But then again, when I got my flat I consulted the owners
    manual to a) verify the jack point locations and b) get help finding
    the service jack's black crank which is niftily hidden on the black
    background of plastic tire well cover.

    Best Regards,
    Todd H., Jun 16, 2004
  4. busterb

    Cam Penner Guest

    When I picked up my car, the dealer walked me through all
    of the unique features and their requirements. Granted,
    this doesn't help the used market, but when buying a car,
    shouldn't you be reading the manual before driving it much

    I don't actually think that there will be significant
    damage to the drivetrain if the temp spare is used as it is
    intended to be. Short distances, low speeds. I'm almost
    willing to bet the fuse is there so that when people use
    the temp spare for days at a time that damage will not
    Cam Penner, Jun 16, 2004
  5. busterb

    Jkpoulos7 Guest

    Agreed. Why should product designers have to idiot-proof the world
    What unnecessary costs? A full size tire on a cheap steel rim cannot possibly
    cost much more than the cheesy donut. I normally never buy a vehicle with a
    temp spare as it shows cheapness and lack of attention to detail bt the maker.
    A full size spare prevents this totally
    Thats normal. But who would think a fuse is necessary? I'd rather make subaru
    eat the cost of repair for their stupidity.
    Jkpoulos7, Jun 16, 2004
  6. busterb

    Mike Guest

    I used to work p/t in a tire shop. Jeep says do not go over 50 miles
    on the space saver spare. We had a customer who drove 500 miles,
    screwed up his viscous couplings, & Jeep denied the warranty because
    of "abuse".

    Read the letter re: head gasket leaks. Subaru says if you let the
    coolant get low & overheat the engine (even though it's caused by bad
    head gaskets) it's "abuse" & not covered.

    BTW - has the recall sealer added & bought a spare bottle - all of
    $1.49 with tax.

    '01 OBW
    Mike, Jun 16, 2004
  7. busterb

    Cam Penner Guest

    I personally hate full size spares[1]. Why should I lug
    around a beast of a tire for the one day every 5 years I
    need it? I'd rather not have the weight in my trunk. I'd
    rather have the extra trunk space for regular stuff.
    Shrink those spares I say. I know where the fuse is.

    [1] Which I wouldn't be surprised to find out are actually
    Cam Penner, Jun 16, 2004
  8. busterb

    Rob Munach Guest

    I agree with the original poster. It should be idiot proofed because
    there will always be a situation where the driver does not know about
    the fuse - such as if he loans the car to someone. My nissan 4x4 came
    with a full size spare. They could have easily said in the owners
    manual, "don't use 4x4 when the spare is installed". Instead, they did
    the common sense thing and gave me a full size spare. Come to think of
    it, I believe my Forester has a full-size spare - it has to or else the
    viscous couplng in the center diff and rear diff would get fried.

    Rob Munach, Jun 17, 2004
  9. busterb

    Edward Hayes Guest

    My 2000 Forester has a full size spare which is the same tire Model & brand
    as the 4 on the ground. My 95 Jeep used a "full diameter" spare which I
    think is a good solution.
    Edward Hayes, Jun 17, 2004
  10. busterb

    John O Guest

    I *DID* read the manual when I got my car. The fuse info is on the last page
    of the section, the left-page as you look at the manual opened up. If I
    wanted to hide that info that's exactly where I'd put it. Once they told me
    where the jack and such were located, and where to put the jack, it's too

    The fuse info is not prominently presented anywhere, which to me means it's
    not very important. If it was, then there would be a sticker on the spare
    tire itself.

    -John O
    John O, Jun 17, 2004
  11. busterb

    coustanis Guest

    Actually, where IS that fuse stored when not in use?
    coustanis, Jun 17, 2004
  12. busterb

    Cam Penner Guest

    Mine is under the hood in the fusebox that you have to open
    to put the spare in.
    Cam Penner, Jun 17, 2004
  13. busterb

    Xtranet Guest

    Nothing wrong with a donut spare as long as it is the same
    diameter (at normal air pressure) as the other wheel on the
    opposite side of the differential.

    A full size spare having a wrong diameter or used with low air
    pressure is worse than a donut spare with the correct diameter
    used at the recommended air pressure. Width isn't everything!

    There are tradeoffs.
    Xtranet, Jun 17, 2004
  14. busterb

    anon Guest

    My 2001 Liberty Wagon (Australian name for the Legacy) has a full size
    spare & identical tyre. Being a wagon, there is obviously plenty of
    room under the rear floor panel to store it.

    Don't know about the Aussie spec Liberty sedans - obviously don't have
    that space available in the boot (trunk) so I'm not sure if they have
    space saver wheels or full size

    92 Liberty RS Turbo Sedan Manual 2.0T
    85 Leone Sedan Manual 1.8L
    01 Liberty Wagon Manual 2.0
    anon, Jun 18, 2004
  15. busterb

    Dan Duncan Guest

    My 2003 Forester has a full sized spare. It's been on the car for months
    after one of the original tires picked up a bolt from the road. The spare
    was the same model and size of tire as the original. The original was
    repaired and became the spare. No, the rims don't match cosmetically.

    Dan Duncan, Jun 18, 2004
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