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Discussion in 'Subaru Forester' started by TransFixed, Aug 10, 2003.

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    In the middle of April, when there were many questions about the
    performance and power of the Forester XT, I made an educated guess about
    its torque curve. Here is what I wrote then, with Nm quantities
    included now for convenience:

    RPM lb-ft Nm
    1600 ~160 217 [from base 2.5l engine +AVCS +turbo]
    2000 ~190 258 [from base 2.5l engine +AVCS +turbo]
    3600 ~235 319 [official spec]
    4600 ~220 298 [interpolated]
    5600 ~200 271 [official spec, converted from max hp (197, exactly)]
    6000 ~180 244 [interpolated from 2.5l + turbo specs, and max hp
    6400 ~160 217 [interpolated from 2.5l + turbo specs, and max hp

    Now, Subaru of Australia has published the actual torque curve of the XT
    ( ). You can see that my
    estimate was within a felt-tip pen stroke (a very few percent) of this
    curve. Interestingly, I left out the area between 2000rpm and 3600rpm
    because I could not figure that one out. It turns out that there is a
    slight saddle in the torque curve there – but nothing to be concerned about.

    Other than patting myself on the shoulder here, I want to point out that
    it is quite possible to get a good idea of an engine’s performance from
    a few data points and specs that are available.

    The above .pdf file is also describes other engine features quite nicely.

    - D.
    TransFixed, Aug 10, 2003
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