For Sale: 1987 Subaru XT 4WD; Calgary, AB, Canada

Discussion in 'Subaru Parts For Sale / Trade' started by Voyager, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Voyager

    Voyager Guest

    1987 Subaru XT 4WD Turbo. Looking for reasonable offers. Located in Calgary,
    Alberta, Canada; (southern part of the province).

    Mechanic says it needs new head gasket, so I've reluctantly decided to part
    with it; (I can't afford to pay mechanic labor rates to fix). Not drivable
    until repaired (or use for parts).

    Two owners; 233,000 km (145,000 miles). Completely rebuilt engine installed
    in January,1998 at 187,000 km (116,000 miles).

    2-door, silver in colour; body in very good shape, small amount of rust on
    rear fenders, a few tiny rust spots on hood, driver's side headlight is
    missing back cover but works fine; interior immaculate; original seat
    fabric. Factory AM/FM/cassette player.

    Automatic, 4WD, PS, PB, working A/C (needs new switch), power windows &
    locks, brand new alternator, water pump and timing belts. Converted to
    regular struts about 3 years ago, but all wiring for power struts left

    Looking for a good Subey home.

    For pics and more info, please remove "quoted text" and e-mail Brian using
    bionicman2020"nospam at"
    Voyager, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. Voyager


    Jun 21, 2020
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    What is the current offer
    Oldschool74, Jun 21, 2020
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