EJ251 to EJ205 in 2005 RS Impreza

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by Zisman, Dec 1, 2020.

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    Dec 1, 2020
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    Alright, how ya'll going. I have a 2005 RS Impreza. It just reached over 250,000 km. It has a leaking head, gearbox ain't bad but 1st gear sounds horrible if you cruise in it, clutch makes a funky noise if I try to launch it and recently its been lacking absolute power when accelerating. Why am I saying all this? Well, I was thinking of doing a WRX swap (which later down the road would be a rebuild to an EJ207 and so forth because I can and why not). I am a mechanic and have the tools required to undertake this job. Now before I get asked why, which is a very good question, I'll say this, WRX's have seem to absolutely sky rocket in value and to be honest I have no intention paying over 10k for a rexy with over 200,000km on it. However I've always wanted to build something, be it simple bolt on stuff or not, seems like a fun challenge that I know I will enjoy. From my understanding all EJ engines have the same mounting points which is great, however I know there are some thing that need to be changed. Also for reference my engine number is EJ251GJ7AE and transmission is TY754VF6AB.

    I was hoping to put in an EJ205 from a blobeye WRX, I say that as they come with a cable throttle body which I need as that is what my current car has and I have no interest in swapping out pedal boxes. (Now I am assuming they have cable throtle bodies, if they don't then rip this whole thing I am about to type, let me know if they don't). From my understanding I need a few parts

    * EJ205 (if someone knows the specific code they use in 05 WRXs that would be great)
    * Wiring harness for the EJ205
    * WRX ECU
    * WRX Fuel pump
    * WRX transmission (from my understanding they have a different 5 speed to what I have, again, correct me if I am wrong)
    * WRX Crossmember
    * Antiroll bars to fit the new crossmember

    I feel like I have left many things out so do tell what else I need. My quetion however is, with the new engine in, the currently fuel lines I have running to my current engine, do they all connect to the same areas with the new one? Also I'm pretty sure the steering is mounted on the crossmember, I can reuse my current system on the new crossmember yes? If there are any other parts that WRXs use that my car doesn't do let me know, especially if they are vital for this swap, excluding brakes and stuff like that.

    If you think what I want to do is dumb then keep it to yourself please, I'm just trying to have fun, unless there is something catastrophically wrong with my plan which I doubt there is, there's no need for negativity. That being said any responses are greatly appreciated as I couldn't find much info on this swap for my specific model. Thanks

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    Zisman, Dec 1, 2020
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