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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Minerva, Feb 20, 2021.

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    Feb 20, 2021
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    A couple of weeks ago, my Impreza's battery died (I was told it was probably due to having not been driven in over a month). I had it jumped, and it's been starting fine so far -but I noticed the speedometer readout was blank. The analog one appears to be working fine, but I have gotten used to glancing at the digital one to control my speed.

    I drove it for a few days, and the readout seems to have magically reappeared! Then I took it to an automotive service company (not Subaru) to check everything over since it hadn't been checked at all since I bought it (no oil changes, etc.). The tires needed air according to the dashboard warning signs. One of the things they did was take out the battery and put it on some kind of tester. They told me it was not functioning as fully as it should and offered to replace it. I declined, planning on finding my own replacement much cheaper than what they were offering. When I drove it home, I noticed that the digital speedometer had stopped displaying AGAIN. Apparently, every time there's an interruption in battery power, the speedometer bugs out.

    So, I've found a new battery which includes installation ($50 cheaper than the auto service's), but when they go to put in the new one, I'm going to be without the speedometer readout, I'm guessing. I have a long driving trip planned soon, and I don't want to be without the reading.

    Does someone know how to force the readout to display as it should? If so, please don't hit me with a bunch of techno-speak because it will likely go right over my head.

    Thanks in advance
    Minerva, Feb 20, 2021
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