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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by DOA, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. DOA

    DOA Guest

    i just bought a used black sube legacy 2.5gt awd sedan. black gets
    dirty really quickly so i figured i better get used to cleaning the
    exterior. im wondering what is suggested for subaru's specifically
    with their clearcoats and all, and even more what works well for the
    color black. as far as i know i should be using a washing solution,
    polish, wax, and instant detail spray in between - all being applied
    and dried with terry cloth and the pva quick dry cloths. as far as
    brands i have meguiars gold class wash, nu finish soft paste polish,
    mothers california gold orig form carnauba cleaner wax and meguairs
    quick detailer mist and wipe. anyone have experience with black
    subes? the car is a 99 so im thinking that the wax SHOULD have some
    abrasives in it to get grime off, the opposite case of waxing a brand
    new car. id also appreciate techniques and such. oh yeah, whats the
    deal with clay bars? thanks so much
    DOA, Sep 6, 2003
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  2. DOA

    null Guest

    First go get a plastic sandwich bag or cellophane cigarette wrapper (if you
    Put your fingers in it and lightly drag it across the surface of your
    paint. Do
    this after you've washed and dried it. Does it feel scratchy? If yes then
    need to use clay. Otherwise Polish it and wax it. Look at the paint how is
    Is there spiderwebbing in the paint (tiny scratches) etc?

    So what's the deal with clay? Well it's not new body shops having been
    using it for a long time to remove overspray. It's used to remove embedded
    contaniments (sic) from the
    paint. That rough feeling you felt with the sandwich bag is embedded

    I've tried both Meguiar's and Clay Magic. I prefer the latter. The
    Meguiar's tended to stick and leave
    residue. The car needs to be cool and in the shade otherwise the clay will

    Take a look at my post from a couple days ago with the link to Vladimir's
    detailing guide. It's very
    good and explains it all.

    When restoring a finish you always want to start with the least abrasive
    method first and gradually get
    more abrasive if needed.

    Products I use from Most abrasive to Least
    2000 Grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper - remove deep scratches
    3M Perfect It II Rubbing Compound, Fine Cut, 39002 - remove 2000 grit
    sanding haze
    Car Brite Cuttig Glaze -remove rubbing compound haze
    Meguiar's ScratchX - remove light scratches
    Meguiar's Clear Coat Prep - After Claying before I polish

    Products with 'No Cut'
    Meguiar's Polish - Give the paint the deep shine
    Meguiar's Gold Class Wax - Protect the finish

    If there's a Target store around you get you Meguiar's Gold Class soap
    there. They run deals for $9.99 for the big
    64oz bottle (Big-Big bottle)

    I bought a Porter-Cable DA Polisher from CoastalTool ($119) a few years
    back I highly recommend it for when you do a 'complete' clean or paint
    repair. They have the best deal as you get a velcro backing pad with it.
    null, Sep 7, 2003
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  3. DOA

    null Guest

    For $60 it's hard to say, around here a full interior and exterior detail
    runs more then twice that. You can always ask them my guess is they'll take
    it to the local car wash for the wash then do a quick wax for that price.
    Personally if they're going to use a buffer I'd want to see other black
    cars they've done to ensure there's no swirl
    marks. It takes a lot of skill to buff a black vehicle and not leave swirl
    That haze could be environmental fallout aka rain spots, you'll need a
    product with cut (abrasive) to remove it.
    The cutting glaze has a 'cut' unlike the polish. Polish is used to enhance
    the depth of the finish, whereas the
    cutting glaze will remove buffer haze. Depending on the white haze it might
    help. Give a call to your local
    auto paint supply store and they'll know where to get some. My scoobie
    black and believe it's alot of work
    keeping the paint looking nice. I typically spend a full 8 hours to do a
    full interior and exterior detail.
    null, Sep 9, 2003
  4. I would like to suggest you try Buffalo Milke instant spray wax. It's a
    cleaner, detailer and wax all in one. You'll do your car in 20-25
    minutes with NO shite residue to clean off the black trim or around
    chrome. Works great on chrome, plastic, glass etc. It loves BLACK!
    You can still prep your car with the clay and everything else but use
    the Buffalo Milke for final waxing. It does not build up like carnuba
    wax and actually let the paint breathe.
    Jerre Bassler, Sep 11, 2003
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