Crosstrek, different snow tire size?

Discussion in 'Subaru Crosstrek' started by jlggomez, Nov 22, 2022.

  1. jlggomez


    Nov 22, 2022
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    Greetings all and thank you in advance for your thoughts,

    I have a set of Blizzak snow tires (P225/60R/18) left over from the 2020 Outback Onyx that I used to have. I currently have a 2022 Outback Wilderness (P225/65R/17) and a 2023 Crosstrek (P225/55R/17). Based on what I am reading on line I should be able to use the Blizzaks on the Crosstrek. Yes? No? On the Wilderness? Any thoughts on this? They would be used only for a few months.

    Thank you very much and Happy Thanksgiving!

    jlggomez, Nov 22, 2022
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