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Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by djr7572, Jun 30, 2021.

  1. djr7572

    djr7572 Guest

    I have a 2018 Legacy. Turns out I made a massive mistake, parking my car in a garage that smelled heavily of cigarette smoke - for roughly a year.

    So now, whenever I run my AC and defrost (particularly the AC, though), I get a constat blast of cigarette smoke smell.

    Obviously, over many months, that smell completely infiltrated my engine compartment. One intitial step I did a while back was to change out the cabin air filter - which ended up not making any differnce as far as the smell.

    I don't think doing an Ozone treatment is going to help because the source of the smell is not inside the cabin, it's probably worked it's way into many nooks and crannies of the engine that would seemingly be impossible to remove. No auto detail shop is going to be able to fix it.

    So ... given the fact that I'm getting blasted with smoke smell when I run the AC, which parts, do you suppose, are likely caked with that smell, causing it to come through my vents? If I REALLY wanted to fix this problem, is it possible? Or am I totally screwed? I'm willing to spend some money to have parts removed/replaced ... if this is not fixable, I'm literally going to end up looking for another vehicle (and obviously never making that mistake ever again). My experience with cigarette smell is, it's next to impossible to get rid of.

    djr7572, Jun 30, 2021
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  2. djr7572

    djr7572 Guest

    Anyone? Surely someone has some feedback and thoughts ...
    djr7572, Jul 2, 2021
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