Bluetooth telephone commands volume low

Nov 23, 2022
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I have a 2022 XV.
When I press and hold microphone button on steering wheel the unit connects to my telephone with a ping. I can then ask It to read texts, emails, make a call etc all hands free via Bluetooth.
The problem I have the ping and reply from the system is at an extremely low volume, ie almost inaudible.
While in that mode I can increase the volume from its low number 8 to a 38 which makes it at a reasonable level to hear.
The issue I have is that every time I turn the car off the level reverts back to the inaudible 8 again..
I have tried every setting in the the volumes on the entertainment system and cannot get the level to stay up.
The people at Subaru had no luck either.
Am I the only one with this or has somebody worked out how to keep the level at 38 please.
Love to hear if somebody worked this problem out.


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