Bluetooth Problems with 2013 Legacy

Aug 12, 2021
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I have a stock radio - CE617U1 - without the color screen or SatNav.

It's a bit of a pain to pair the phone properly because you have to do it by voice prompt, and only when something other than Aux is selected. However, it did work for many months (I got the car used about a year ago).

Recently it's stopped working right. Either the phone function works and the media player doesn't, or the other way around.
No combination of deleting phones on the radio, deleting the radio on the phone, and re-pairing seems to work. I am using a Google Pixel 3A, but have similar problems with any other current Android device.

This leads me to a couple of questions.
1) Is anyone else having this problem? My theory is that Android updates are making changes to the bluetooth stack since I certainly haven't made any changes to the radio.
2) Has anyone found a solution?
3) If there is no solution, does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement radio. I really want to continue using the built in microphone and the controls on the steering wheel. I expect this could be difficult.

Thanks in advance,


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