Baja electrical problem

Oct 30, 2022
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So I bought a 03 Baja 2.5 yrs ago and it blew head gasket, long story short paid mechanic to put in a crate Subaru motor, within 100 miles it had a fuel delivery issue after dealing with that now it is showing bothe O2 sensors as being faulty and Windows,door locks and yesterday the sun roof failed, obviously an electric issue

My question is, is this all related and where should I start, all fuses are visually fine could this be a wire harness issue as I do t see any blown fuses also the fuel issue was solved with a 30a relay failure, I also replaced pump, filter and fuses, any ideas thanks


Find a wiring schematic that fits your model.
Use a digital multi-meter and measure the power supply with the ground circuits.
Check /test the wiring connections at the drivers door hing.

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