BAG in my engine!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by geekmirth, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. geekmirth

    geekmirth Guest

    Hey all,

    I need to talk to my dealer, to get this fixed, I was wondering if anyone
    here could help me stay on track so they don't give me the run around.

    a couple of months ago I had some routine work done on my 97 outback. LONG
    story short, they screwed up and had to put a new engine block in. today, I
    get in my car, and it's reving at over 4K/rpm! I take it to a local gas
    station and the pull a BAG out of the engine! They pulled the bag out where
    the valve is to let air into the engine. (I may be describing it

    I should note, that no work has been done on the car since the engine block
    was replaced, and the guys at the shop told me that they use plastic bags to
    keep parts of the engine clean and dry.

    My question is: is there ANY way possible for that bag to have gotten there
    normally? And what line of BS do you think the dealer is going to hit me

    geekmirth, Jun 7, 2005
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  2. Is there an air filter present? If they left the filter out a plastic bag
    could be sucked in off the road.

    Otherwise, I know of no method for a bag to get in the air system past the
    Sparky Polastri, Jun 8, 2005
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