B9 Tribeca

Discussion in 'Subaru Tribeca' started by Jerre Bassler, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. In the latest Drive magazine from Subaru it shows the new B9 Tribeca.
    If this is the future of Subaru, I think I will looking at other cars.
    Several show cars have been shown using this new look for Subaru. What
    a shame. These designers should be fired. After giving us the great new
    Legacy, how could they come up with that ugly front end look.
    I think Subaru is also deserting its base by trying to go upscale
    including the pricing of their cars. I think the future looks and higher
    pricing will kill this company again.
    I understand that Saab will also get this new car. Perhaps they will
    improve on the looks and you can count on a price improvement - higher
    Jerre Bassler, Jan 23, 2005
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  2. Jerre Bassler

    BSackamano Guest

    The nose is a little odd, but I like it.
    BSackamano, Jan 23, 2005
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  3. Jerre Bassler

    lkreh Guest

    It took awhile to grow on me, but I like it.
    lkreh, Jan 23, 2005
  4. Jerre Bassler

    ismlv Guest

    I don't so much dislike the Tribeca but I do wish they do something with that front end. I've been thinking about a Honda Pilot for my next
    car. I'm on my 2nd Subaru - a 99 SUS Ltd and my parents just got their 8 so we're deep into Subarus and I really would feel bad not getting
    another Subaru but thought about going to something bigger and love the Pilot... but now that I see the Tribeca, by the time I'm ready for a
    new car (hopefully another 3 or 4 years, as I'm just about to hit 100K miles on mine), the new model kinks will be worked out and it might
    be in the running.
    ismlv, Jan 23, 2005
  5. Jerre Bassler

    Rob Munach Guest

    It looks like Nissan designers got a hold of it!
    Rob Munach, Jan 24, 2005
  6. Jerre Bassler

    Hi Guest

    After several days of web surfing I have get used to the new look. The
    only problem will be the price
    Hi, Jan 24, 2005
  7. Jerre Bassler

    Googler Guest

    Aren't Subarus supposed to look strange? That used to be part of their
    Googler, Jan 24, 2005
  8. Jerre Bassler

    Hal Whelply Guest

    I didn't think I'd be saying this, but I think it's well done (in front).
    The new look works. It's sure a relief after seeing that sporty car concept
    a year or so ago. That was really ugly. As for the rest of the Tribeca, I
    need to see one in the sheet metal. I look at the side view and think "Lexus
    RX 330." That's not a compliment. The back is slightly intriguing--overall,
    OK. Yep, price will be a problem. I still love my XT Premium. No big
    motivation to get something new now.

    Hal Whelply, Jan 25, 2005
  9. Jerre Bassler

    burgelis Guest

    I think that it looks like a harmless widower.

    burgelis, Jan 25, 2005
  10. Jerre Bassler

    Hallraker Guest

    Yeah, I think a lot of times people forget how bizzarre the old models
    looked. I kinda liked that.

    Hallraker, Feb 2, 2005
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