Any rust issues?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ebjet123, Aug 3, 2020.

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    Aug 3, 2020
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    I just bought a new Ascent. Since I live in the rust belt, I have always rustproofed my cars (not undercoating). The person I use takes 3 days to do a complete job. He pulls all the removable outside rocker panel and moldings off, removes head and tail lights, and all the inside door panels, then proceeds to rustproof the car with a material that never dries out (this guy is anal about this). It's more pricey but quality is worth it. I have been trying to look for older Subarus around town to see if there's any rust on them but haven't really noticed many older cars or rust on them. I realize all the manufacturers have made strides in "rustproofing" their cars but I still worry about the areas that you don't see (under moldings, etc). Then all of a sudden, you see rust developing along those areas. Our area uses a type of a liquid calcium material on the roads that will stick to the underside and crevices of your car. It can be reactivated every time it gets wet until it completely wears off. I thought I would ask to see if any owners have had any issues with rust (under 15 years old) and where on the car before I spend the money.
    ebjet123, Aug 3, 2020
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