Aftermarket struts

May 26, 2023
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Hello All,
It's my first time on a forum. Question: Does anyone have suggestions on good aftermarket struts besides the KYB Excel G struts for a 2005 Forester 2.5X?
A little background: We're living part time between L.A. & Ensenada, MX. I just purchased ADF 2" lift parts to install on new struts. We blew ours while living in "pothole central" for 2 months. I'm NOT looking to turn it into an overlander but want my wife's daily driver to be more comfortable especially when driving on unpaved & potholed roads. No 4WD or off road shop I've visited has answers for me. The Youtube videos aren't that helpful either. I see a lot of guys having to take off or cut plastics to fit coil overs etc.


Find a complete set of MOOG or equivalent OEM style (Struts and Coil Assy). Make sure all the control arms are in good condition.
Perform a complete 4-wheel alignment when complete.

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