Aftermarket Speakers for 2002 WRX

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by MC, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. MC

    MC Guest

    I just got a WRX and I love it. The only problem is the speakers are
    not too impressive. I don't need much thump but would at least like
    to listen to my music loud and clear. Now I've looked through the
    newsgroups and I haven't really found anyone that has but aftermarket
    speakers into this car. I know the door is thin which narrows the
    choices but there has to be something out there that will satisfy me.
    I have no problem modifying the door a little to accommodate for the
    speakers size. Please let me know what speakers would help me out,
    and what I need to do to install them. Also, I would like to stick
    with the OEM 6-disc changer since I won't need to much power but if an
    amp is needed, I won't having any qualms about purchasing one. Thanks
    for the advice in advance.

    MC, Aug 31, 2004
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  2. MC

    MikeL Guest

    I put Polk 2-way 5.5" up front and they thump real well for the price.
    The rear is more difficult, but I put in Infinity 4" (there are two
    different models, with different ratings, but the factory unit is only 20W
    RMS so the smaller 35W RMS version worked for me). The front door panels
    didn't need to be modified themselves, but the mounting hardware is
    integrated into the factory speaker, so you (or whomever installs it) will
    have to destroy the factory pieces.

    Overall I think it sounds quite nice. Sooner or later I will go to a
    better head-unit with XM and MP3 and optional inputs. At that point I will
    put bass blockers on the 4 main channels and install my 12"-500W pioneer box
    into the trunk. Anyways... My opinion is that speakers are worth it and the
    factory unit isn't bad, but still a little weak.

    MikeL, Sep 1, 2004
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  3. MC

    Byron Guest

    I could only fit 4" JL Audio (TL series) speakers in my '02 WRX wagon
    doors, but I wanted them to fit completely behind the stock grill
    opening. No problem in the rear - they fit right in. But the fronts
    required a fabricated mount to get as much clearance between the window
    and the magnet as I could. I kept the stock tweeters in place, but
    disconnected them.

    At first, I also used the stock in-dash cd changer, and used high end
    speaker-level converters to feed a 4 channel amp under the seat. It was
    a big improvement, but it didn't sound like the money I had spent. I
    eventually added a used Alpine head unit that disappears into the dash
    with no intervention from me when the key is taken out. It looks like I
    have no radio at all, and I don't have to carry a faceplate with me.
    The ability of the 7969 to tailor the sound to my liking made a huge
    difference in my satisfaction of the whole system. The bass and treble
    dials on the stock unit didn't cut it.

    Even with only 35 watts to each door speaker, and 120w to the sub, I am
    very happy with the output levels. I was really surprised the 4"
    sounded as good as they did at the levels I was driving them at. The
    ability to vary the crossover frequency in my head unit helps immensely.
    I had to change my battery recently, and forgot to change the default
    settings. When I sent the doors 125Hz and above, and the sub 100Hz and
    below, all was right again. The slope of the crossovers are shallow
    enough that very little is lost between 100 and 125Hz.

    So I have a nearly stock look with much higher performance. I am
    impressed by the speakers ability to present a wide sound stage when
    they sit a few inches from the floor. I've heard many nicer systems,
    but this is still quite good.
    Byron, Sep 1, 2004
  4. MC

    Bryan Lee Guest

    goto they have spacers that let you put upto
    6.5" in the front and 5.25" in rear. Kit start at $31 for FT and RR and $16
    for just FT. If you get a speaker with a higher sensetivity( I cant spell)
    you will get more sound with less power. I like pioneer they get really
    loud with very little power. They sonud pretty good to me. I'm old(32) and
    do'nt want a bunch of noise. Plus you can get the fronts and rears 3-way
    for less than $200!! Yeah!!!! I hope that helps
    Bryan Lee, Sep 1, 2004
  5. MC

    Hallraker Guest

    By the sound of the other posts, it seems like the WRX is a bit more
    difficult installation than my old Legacy. I went with 6.5" Clarion
    speakers all around, I forgot the model but I think they were about $100 a
    pair. Originally I used a crappy Aiwa CDC-MP3 head unit, but that
    eventually broke and I ended up with a much better Kenwood unit, a MPV-622
    if memory serves. And, after my friend got married, I "inherited" his
    Pioneer amp and sub. I can never remember the model of either, but I think
    that it runs between 100 and 150 watts. All in all, it sounds really good,
    except that the interior of the Legacy seems to help amplify the higher
    frequencies, so I had to raise the lower frequencies and lower the high ones
    to give it a more "balanced" sound, to me at least.

    Hallraker, Sep 1, 2004
  6. MC

    MC Guest

    Boom, there it is. That's what I need. Thanks guys, the spacers are
    a huge help. That should expand my possibilities a lot. I'll
    probably look at some 6 1/2 Polks for the front and maybe that pair of
    Infinitys in the back or maybe Polks all around. Any advice on the
    tweeters in the front? Leave them be, upgrade them also, or some
    people have just disconnected them all together?
    MC, Sep 1, 2004
  7. MC

    Larry Weil Guest

    Why do that, and have to deal with shipping, etc. Spacers are available at
    any place that does car audio installations. I got the ones I'm using at
    Best Buy, just walk into the installation area (usually a back door), and
    they'll sell them to you, and cheaper than this place to boot!
    Larry Weil, Sep 1, 2004
  8. MC

    Bryan Lee Guest

    I did not know that. Thanks
    Bryan Lee, Sep 1, 2004
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