AC compressor in Subaru Outback 2000

Discussion in 'Subaru Outback' started by Val, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Val

    Val Guest

    I have a Subaru Outback 2000. In the last year my AC compressor was
    broken (that what I was told in the service ). The symptom was: AC
    stopped working when engine was idle (not accelerating) and it
    produced a strange noise. But if I pressed a gas pedal it seems to
    work fine (until I release it). So compressor was changed and this
    year (after ~13.5 months) it happened again.
    Exactly the same behaviour. The warranty on replaced parts 1 year.
    Subaru is willing to replace a new comressor but I still need to pay
    for the labor ($250)

    Could anyone please tell me if it really looks like broken compressor
    or maybe something less important (I suspect a low quality of the
    deallership but the nearest Subaru service is quite far)

    Val, Jul 26, 2004
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  2. Val

    Jim Stewart Guest

    It may be a broken compressor, but I think
    you want someone else to look at it.

    It may just be a loose or worn out belt.
    Jim Stewart, Jul 26, 2004
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  3. Val

    Josh Assing Guest

    well; I can tell you a local shop here overfilled our AC system - and it would
    work (great!) but occasionally the pump would just "STOP" (and I mean stop, at
    any RPM's) which caused the belt to slip and engine to almost die....

    Might want to have someone else check the A/C system....
    Josh Assing, Jul 27, 2004
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