99 Subaru OBX transmission rebuild

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by loweezy98, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. loweezy98

    loweezy98 Guest

    I have a 99 OBX with 105000 miles on it. Since the fall I was having
    problems with the transmission (hesitation to engage in drive). I had
    my local transmission guy replace it, and withing 24 hrs of getting it
    back, the car would rev over 4500 rpm without moving while in drive. I
    would have to downshift to first in order to get the car to move (to
    the nearest service station) where it was towed back to the
    transmission place. 2 days later he calls me to say that the problem
    was in the "cylendoids: (which I take to be the solenoids - local
    dialect). Does this make sense? Why did it take 24 hrs to occur, as
    opposed to when I first got it back? And, is this something that is
    typically replaced in a rebuild? I love my Outback and am beginning to
    question whether rebuilding the transmission was a good move.
    loweezy98, Feb 15, 2005
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