92 Loyale sedan 1.8L questions..

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Ole' Boy, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Ole' Boy

    Ole' Boy Guest

    I have a 92 Loyale sedan 1.8L 4wd..

    1st question: The check engine light came on ( no surprise, just like my
    retired 89 DL sedan, R.I.P.) so I pulled the codes & looked them up..The
    code list in one manual said "EGR valve blah blah", no surprise
    there..Another manual said "backup system"??..What the heck is a "backup
    system", is it the same as the EGR??

    2ND question: Need some advice on some performance modifications for the
    1.8L 92 Loyale..I know you can only get minimal power out of these
    little 90 HP engines even after upgrades but anything at all would be a
    tremendous help..

    I know some of the earlier 1.8L's had turbos but that would likely be a
    costly upgrade & a major pain in the butt to install & to get it working
    right with everything else, if you could even find an OEM one or an
    aftermarket kit( I hope someone can prove me wrong on some of these
    Anyway i'm mainly looking for ideas to get more power out of what I
    already have to work with.The car only has 103,000 miles on it & is in
    near perfect condition, so it's definately worth spending a little time
    & money on it.!!!

    Ole' Boy, Jul 15, 2003
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