'91 Justy Won't start

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by drmojo418, May 8, 2004.

  1. drmojo418

    drmojo418 Guest

    i have a 91 justy that when you try to turn the key nothing happens. when i
    go and cross the starter it starts. if you sit there and just keep turning
    the key for about 30 minutes then once in about 150 turns the car will
    start. but once you shut it off it won't start unless you sit there and
    turn the key for another 150 turns. does any one know where the starter
    relay is located, or is that even the problem. i really don't want to buy
    a chilton manual but will if i have to.

    drmojo418, May 8, 2004
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  2. drmojo418

    Gilles Gour Guest

    0) The fact that it starts when you jump the starter is a sign there is
    no problem with the starter or starter's solenoid.
    1) Listen for a clicking noise when you turn the key.
    2) If you hear one coming from under the dash then the starter relay is
    receiving current but not making contact.
    3) If no click, then it's either the ignition switch that is bad or more
    likely, if you have a manual, the clutch pedal starter defeat switch.
    4) To check that last possibility, turn the key to «start» and hold it
    there but pump the clutch pedal «150 times...».
    5) If it suddendly starts, you've found the culprit, it's just a case of
    replacing the switch (sits on top of the clutch pedal stem) or, like I
    did on my Legacy, soldering the two wires that go to the swith together
    to bypass the switch.
    6) I have no experience with bad ignition switch contacts.
    Good luck,
    Gilles, Montreal.
    Gilles Gour, May 8, 2004
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  3. drmojo418

    Gilles Gour Guest

    1) Sorry for top posting on my previous invoice.
    2) About pumping the clutch pedal, the switch makes contacts at the very
    bottom of pedal travel, so push the pedal to the floor and let it rise
    a couple of inches each time you pump. No need to let it come up competely.
    Gilles Gour, May 8, 2004
  4. drmojo418

    drmojo418 Guest

    it is an automatic
    drmojo418, May 8, 2004
  5. drmojo418

    drmojo418 Guest

    i got it to start. i just went down to the local auto parts store and
    picked up a push button for the starter and by passed all the starter

    thanks for all the help.
    drmojo418, May 9, 2004
  6. drmojo418

    CompUser Guest

    boutautos.com>, says...
    Same as he said, just substitute "neutral safety
    switch", and move selector into park or neutral.

    CompUser, May 9, 2004
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