2018 Subaru outback engine failed with only 5k miles on it

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by three18dodge, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Jan 6, 2020
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    I am going to be as detailed as I can, but this incident happened at the end of 2017 and I may not include every detail, but I will try. I need some help understanding what happened or what might have happened to the engine in my 2018 outback that I purchased brand new with only 3 miles on it.

    Ok, So I bought a 2018 Outback in late October 2017 with only 3 miles on it. 2.5l version. A small pickup truck pulled out in front of me causing some front end damage to my car at about 3k miles....mostly cosmetic, the headlights and bumper facade were replaced. I think it cost around 3k in repairs...it took them about 2 months to fix it because the headlights were not even available yet.

    I get the car back and drive it about 2k more miles to get to the oil change suggested by the book. I did it myself with oil and filter purchased from the local subaru dealership. Just a few hundred miles later, i think about 100 or 200, the lights on the dash light up on me. I mean all of the lights, not just the check engine light. Car seemed to be running fine, but i immediately took it to the subaru dealership 15 miles from my house. They held it for about 2 weeks trying to find out what the issue was. They found the oil filter to be expanded drastically and said there were metal fragments in the oil and ultimately they replaced the entire engine.

    I have been terrified to change the oil since.

    A little background on my somewhat limited mechanical abilities.... I have been changing oil in all my cars for almost 20 years now...honda accord/honda civic/honda pilot/chevy s10/dodge ram. I have always done my own brake work, I can replaced pads and rotors, change headlight bulbs and other similar level difficulty tasks.

    This subaru was by far the most expensive brand new car i have ever owned at 30k....I bought the oil filter wrench, crush ring, oil, and had everything laid out and very meticulously changed this oil. I was sure to not overtighten the oilpan nut and was careful when tightening the oil filter.

    They held my car for several weeks replacing the engine. Subaru covered a full 7 year warranty for us and gave us a vacuum.

    The day we brought the car in when the lights were flashing in the dash, the dealership asked if i changed the oil and I said yes immediately...but then i renegged because I was scared I might have done something wrong and then been held liable for something i possibly did....so when i was asked again later, i said no, i did not change the oil

    I know this post is all over the place....this has been bothering me for several years now and I need to get this off my chest. I have been letting the dealership change the oil for me since the incident, b/c i'm scared to do it again.

    What do you all think happened? I stayed in contact with subaru corporate for so long after the incident desperate to find out what the issue was, and all they could tell me was 'we sent the engine to japan'...and that I would mostly likely not find out what happened. And I never did.
    three18dodge, Jan 6, 2020
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