2018 Forester Brake Issue

Discussion in 'Subaru Forester' started by TheMiz, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Feb 2, 2020
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    Looking for others feedback. I bought a 2018 Forester Touring model because I retired and planned to keep my next vehicle indefinitely, so I went for what I thought was a quality product from a quality manufacturer. Love the vehicle despite its tech items being way behind the competition, until I hit 40,000 km (25,000 miles) and I had to have a complete brake and rotor job done with 8 months left on warranty. Is this normal?????

    Background: on the last service I took it in and asked them to check the brakes as there seemed to be a little noise and pulsing on quick stops (note: I baby my vehicles). They check it out and said I needed breaks and rotors done at $980. I said, wait this is still way under warranty and this should not be happening now. They shrugged and said that this is not covered by warranty. I said, give me a break. They then asked if I had had the breaks serviced. I said I have brought the vehicle in for every recommended a scheduled service that has been required and asked if this was a regular service item. The guy checks and says that I haven't had a break service done. I asked if that is recommended and required by Subaru. He says it would have helped, but it is not required or recommended officially by Subaru. I said I have had over 15 new vehicles in my life and have never had to pay for anything during the warranty period other than regular maintenance and that this is ridiculous! Out of pity they give me a whole hundred dollars off.

    Next I complaint to Subaru and am told that it is too bad that this is not a warranty issue. I insist on talking to a supervisor or someone higher up and am told that their Service Manager does not talk to customers! Am I missing something or doesn't the title Service Manager mean that they are there to service their customers? In other words, to put it nicely "Stuff it"!

    I have a buddy that has a 2019 Forester and apparently break service is recommended for that model year. Are you kidding me! This seems like a Band-Aid for a quality issue.

    Is this the way Subaru stands behind its products? At this point Subaru's quality and reputation are just the way things used to be. Am I the only one?

    TheMiz, Feb 2, 2020
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