2016 Subaru Liberty Failed Camshaft Gear Drive

May 6, 2022
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I have had to replace the motor in my 2016 Liberty (6 years old not thrashed - still on the first set of brakes) - fully serviced and 103,000 kms on the vehicle. Replacement was as a result of the teeth being worn from the camshaft gear drive. (See photo attached). Every mechanic and machinist that have seen the Camshaft Gear Drive believe it is faulty and has not been hardened correctly. I believe there will be more vehicles that have come off the line at the same time with the same issue, but I have had to get the car back on the road with no choice than to replace the whole motor at my expense. Has anyone else experienced this in any other vehicle?


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Old Post:
Experiences - Where ever that gear is attached to, the chain, opposite gear and chain slider with tensioner has failed.
Unfortunately, metal particles have gone through the engine and destroyed / scarred / galled any mating surface.
Opinion - Oil is cheap and so is quality oil with filters to protect an engine.
That being said, the best quality oil is purchased for the investment.
My model is done at 8000 KM religiously.
Oil change shops - never trusted any of them. You don't know what is coming out of the "barrel".
The next time, ask for the old filter and a sample of the drained oil for analysis.
Filters can be opened and inspected for metal particles. It's a messy learning experience.
Analysis example: https://www.blackstone-labs.com/
The only advice, ask to see what oil they use and watch them drain the oil and give you the filter.
Is there truth to hardening the gear(s)? Yes but what about the rest of the components.
That gear looks like the chain was "walking / climbing" over the teeth. Similar to having a tensioner failing and that chain is now "stretched" beyond service limits.

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