2014 Legacy Sedan Low Beam Headlights and Front Parking Lights

Feb 20, 2023
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My girlfriend has a 2014 Legacy Sedan. The other night the low beam headlights and front parking lights stopped lighting up and are impervious to efforts to turn them on with the switch. The high beams are fine. The parking lights themselves work as indicators/hazards/alarm, but all 4 lights (low beams and parking) in front do not come on with the switch. Tail lights/rear side makers are fine.

Just curious if anyone else has seen something like this and what they found. I swapped the 2 relays in the box under the hood marked 'hi' and 'low' with each other, but nothing changed. I haven't looked at the fuses, but it seems odd to lose all 4 at once, with no other issues, and with the parking lights still working as indicators. I'm sure it's something simple, but I'd rather avoid a wild goose chase of frustration if possible.

I found a video on youtube where a guy talks about what sounded like a similar issue he resolved by removing and re-installing a 'Dimmer Module', but he didn't say where it was and I couldn't find any other information about it on a 2014, so I think he may have been talking about a different year, even though he said 2014.

Anyway, any help is appreciated by me and future oncoming traffic...
And the model is?


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It's a 2014 Legacy Sedan. I believe it's a Premium or Limited package. It's not marked and has the 2.5. All it says is Subaru Legacy and PZEV on the back.
Youtube is not a repair service.
Ohms Law applies with a simple test light and or multi-meter.
Never attach a test light to a computer control circuit.
If unsure, hire a Professional Technician.


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I realize youtube is not a repair service. But on more than one occasion and on more than one vehicle, I have found a solution to a problem I'm encountering. Given that lights that don't appear on the low beam circuit also failed, I thought this may be a problem others have encountered. But apparently not. All I know is this Subaru with 70K miles has been a real piece of crap.

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