2013 Subaru Impreza: Big bump shut the engine off

Mar 21, 2021
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I was driving along a road close by to my house and the road has heaved in a massive way the past few years — the suspension maxes out when I go over this bump usually.

I did it today and the car engine shut off. It just went silent at around 80km/h / 50mph. It's a 5-speed so I tried to bump start it — to no avail. The dash lights up as it should and all the electronics seem to work (heat and radio didn't stop working).

Thankfully, it was a downhill run all the way home, which took a few minutes. I tried to turn the car off and on to see if that helped. It reset the fuel distance-to-empty distance to 0. The car was at under 100km to empty and was on the last spot on the fuel indicator; it's possible that it's out of fuel but I highly doubt it as there was no sputtering, no warning and no signs of life when I bump started and turned the key.

No smell at all. No fluid leaks. The car turns over as it should and sounds like it is firing correctly. I haven't tried to turn it over for too long — it really feels like something has fallen off/broken loose and I don't think trying to fire the car repeatedly is going to fix anything.

Thoughts on what I should look for as I troubleshoot this?

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