2012 Subaru Outback

Feb 17, 2023
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Hi all' Thank you for allowing me to be a member! I currently own a 2012 Subaru Outback, I Love my outback but currently I am having issues with her.
I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before, She has a shimmy that seemed it coming from the right side at first but now I really don't know.
It happens when acceleration and tampers down at higher speeds, you will feel vibration in the steering wheel but nothing crazy. Already changed out axles, ball joints, lower control arm, prop shaft, had tires inspected all are good, had 2 alignments. And still has the odd shimmy......any help would be greatly appreciated. Also failed to mention,just changed Motor mounts and still has a very bad Vibration on the right passenger side , you can feel it under the seat as well.
Wheel run out and tire circumference @ all wheels
Inspect the brake rotors for imbalance and run out
Inspect drive shafts to ensure balance and true rotation
Wheel and axle flange torqued correctly @ all wheels
Torque the control arm bushings with the vehicle weight on the wheels
Inspect the differential oils for metal particles
Check all subframe mounts and inspect for underbody damage
Make sure the engine, transmission and subframe are aligned correctly

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