2005 EJ253 replacing 2006 EJ255

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by kakon864, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Nov 19, 2019
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    Hello all,

    Due to a slipped timing chain In my brother's Subaru legacy(2006 non-turbo) one of the cylinder heads was destroyed (He doesn't know the signs of a skipped tooth and ended up skipping 6 total when I got to it). Anyways I am replacing the motor as the old one isn't worth fixing at this time due to high mileage and low compression (probably use for another project). I bought a 2005 ej253 out of a legacy and imported it from Japan. I've got all the main externals swapped over (intakes, electrical, some sensors, etc.) and swapped the wiring harness because the 2005 ej253 one had an extra main plug that wasn't in the cars harness.

    So now I'll get to my concern. I did research before I bought it and people said it would work if you swap the harness and some other things, but the 2006 ej255 has some variable oil pressure system on either head that the ej253 does not have. So there are 3 unplugged sensors/oil regulators wires on either side of the harness since they are not on the ej253.

    Will the computer in the car be ok with having those unplugged and will it run fine with them unplugged?

    Thanks in Advance,
    kakon864, Nov 19, 2019
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