2005 Baja Clutch Master/Slave cylinders

Discussion in 'Subaru Baja' started by db2rules, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Jul 19, 2020
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    Hi all,

    Purchased a sweet 2005 normally aspired 5-speed Baja a month or so ago.

    121k miles, all Subaru maintained and garage kept.

    Two days ago was teaching my daughter how to drive a manual transmission and she did pretty well, but obviously the clutch got a workout.

    When we got home the clutch went to the floor, but I was able to 'pop' it back out, but there wasn't any 'fluid' play at all, it either popped in or popped out.

    Let it sit overnight and the next morning everything's back to normal and works as designed.

    I think what happened is the Master Cylinder plunger allowed fluid behind it, then overnight the spring tension pushed it all back into place.

    If my problem determination is correct, I would have the MC replaced, but I'd like to replace the SC at the same time.

    Do we know if the slave cylinder is inside or outside of the bell housing?

    db2rules, Jul 19, 2020
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