2004 Baja Turbo speed wire for navigation

Discussion in 'Subaru Baja' started by Nokturnal1228, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Jun 15, 2016
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    Hi all, I'm having trouble figuring out which wire on my car's ECU is the speed output wire (VSS). This is for my new navigation system to know how fast the car is moving when GPS signal is lost. I know it is green/black but I have found two wires across two connectors on my ECU. I have the Legacy/Forester/Outback/Baja Haynes manual (2000-2008) but it really is poor on the wiring diagrams. The connectors I find the green/black wires on are B134 and B135 (at pin 12 & 27 respectively). The Haynes manual does not say what these pins function as though.

    I have found another resource, a 2004 Legacy Outback service manual, which is amazing, except it is not for a Baja. I know the Outback is similar but cannot be sure that the ECU wiring is the same. Anyhow, I found four wiring diagrams for four different engines:

    H4SO 2.0 - B135 (pin 27 is speed output wire)..... Only confirmation I have that this is the right wire in my own vehicle even though this is a different engine

    H4SO 2.5 - B134 (pin 23 is speed output wire)

    H4DOTC - B134 (pin 23 is speed output wire)

    H4DO - B134 (pin 23 is speed output wire)

    Does someone know which wire is the correct one before I go splicing. My last ditch effort would be hooking in a voltmeter I guess.

    B134 on the left, B135 on the right

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    Nokturnal1228, Jun 15, 2016
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