1988 Subaru GL-10 Fan relay..

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by jos, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. jos

    jos Guest

    Does anyone know where the fan relay is located for a 1988 Subaru GL-10?
    Fan is good but is not coming on. Engine overheats..
    Thank you in advance..Jos
    jos, Oct 5, 2003
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  2. jos

    Bill Putney Guest

    If memory serves, the a.c. control module is what turns the fan on and
    off. One of the inputs to the a.c. module is the temperature switch
    which is located on the lower right side of the radiator. That switch
    can fail, but more often than not, the terminals that plug into that
    switch get corroded. The correction will most likely be to clean those
    terminals, or repair the wires at those terminals, or replace the
    temperature switch.

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Oct 5, 2003
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  3. jos

    Gilles Gour Guest

    If it's anything like my 92 Loyale was (been stolen 3 years ago), the
    fan is connected to a bimetal switch screwed in the right side of the
    radiator (passenger side). Maybe this switch or its connection are
    Gilles Gour, Oct 5, 2003
  4. jos

    jos Guest

    Hi all..
    To all those who gave suggestions thanks..
    Yes, the connectors were corroded and there was also a broken wire..
    Cleaned the contacts and rewired.
    It works fine now..again, thanks to all for their help..Jos
    jos, Oct 6, 2003
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