05 Baja EJ255 Turbo Manual - Exhaust Smoke

Discussion in 'Subaru Baja' started by AwayFromTx, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Jan 5, 2021
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    Hey y'all,

    I'm having an issue with a LOT of blue-grey exhaust smoke. At Idle smokes a little, enough to dissipate within a car-legnth or two, but under load becomes a fog machine. Seeing plumes as far back as about 500 feet behind me when accelerating. I do not believe it to be a head gasket, but am still unsure of what it could be. Here's the symptoms and what I've tested so far...

    -Blue-Grey smoke as mentioned above (not sweet smelling, just smells like it's burning oil)
    -Before the smoke became an issue, Intermittent loss of power when accelerating, AND
    - a plume of the same smoke, but only at startup (a week prior)
    -intermittent bogging to about 500 rpm when at neutral and standing
    -Oil consumption at a substantiative rate (~2 quarts over the course of a month/ 500 miles of driving, slow leak from oil filter housing assists this)

    -Examined coolant for bubbling, does not actively bubble, and no oil sheen present
    -Checked oil for coolant/emulsification, none present (dark however)
    -Checked airway for proper air intake, not an issue
    -No CEL/Trouble codes aside from the exhaust sensors
    -Opened oil fill while running to check for blow-by; Pressure not sufficient enough to push the oil cap off at idle, however after running there is a small amount of smoke/vapor. (Normal...?)

    -Turbo was replaced with an OE-Spec Rotomaster P/N M1040199N in May 2020 (8 months prior to issue)
    -Oil changed with Royal Purple 5w-30 (3 weeks prior to this issue, 1 week prior to the start-only-smoke)

    I have been told that Royal Purple does have a high count of detergents, but I am unsure if there's an issue with Subarus having a hard time with this brand. I will be testing compression and checking spark plugs next.
    Thanks in advance for the help!
    AwayFromTx, Jan 5, 2021
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