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TransFixed 11-10-2003 09:05 AM

Re: I can't remove my Forester's window stickers !
Bart wrote:
> Even regular vegetable oil might helpl...I have used vegetable oil to help
> get labels off of jars, so it might work on your window sticker as well..

I second that, vegetable oil works wonders on all kind of labels.
Especially if you have the kind that comes in a spray can (not kidding).

- D.

ed 11-13-2003 06:21 PM

Re: I can't remove my Forester's window stickers !
Warm it with a hair drier, not heat gun (too hot), but warm up the whole
glass first, then concentrate on the stickers.
Ed B.

<> wrote in message
news:46qqb.35$ t...
> This may sound like a very stupid question but how
> can I remove the two small stickers on my Forester's
> left rear window ?
> These are the stickers which tell you about the car's
> emission level as compared with an average new vehicle
> and the ability of the bumpers to withstand low-speed
> collisions.
> I've tried using my finger nails, a razor blade and
> paint thinner but have only managed to removed just
> a little bit of the edges so far. I didn't wnat to
> push too hard with the razor blade because I didn't
> want to scratch the glass window.
> I've thought about using a heat gun but don't know if
> this can damage the glass or other parts nearby.
> Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
> 11-23-2003 12:33 PM

Re: I can't remove my Forester's window stickers !

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

I just had a chance to remove them last night
and it took me over an hour using a combination
of heat (hair dryer), thinner and a razor blade.

It was the razor blade that did most of the work.

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