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2002 Forester O2 Sensor

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I had an intermittent engine miss, and also a general lack of power.
The milage on this subie is 70,000. The CEL never came on. I tried
the obvious, fuel filter, plugs, wires. I finally let local shop have a
go, they couldn't find problem. I then decided to try closest dealer.
They diagnosed as worn clutch, $1,100. I declined their offer and paid
$44 for diagnosis. I had searched this NG and found a few other posts
that had similar problem. The front O2 sensor was the culprit. I
changed the sensor and car has been running good ever since. Initially
when the problem started, I was sure I had water in the gas. I even
used dry gas and the symptoms didn't seem as bad. The problem
persisted for months. It was most noticible when climbing long hills,
miss fire, run o.k., miss fire. I wish the CEL had come on, it would
have been easy to diagnose. Hope this helps others with similar issues
of poor performance.

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